News 6 Jul 2017

Tear-offs approved for remaining MX Nationals rounds

Host clubs granted exemptions across final rounds of 2017.

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

The final four rounds of the 2017 Motul MX Nationals will see tear-offs reintroduced at a national level, as host clubs have successfully been granted exemptions from Motorcycling Australia (MA).

Tear-offs had been banned from 1 January for environmental reasons until MA confirmed last month it had altered the regulations to allow track licensees to apply for exemptions, providing they follow strict procedures.

MX Nationals promoter Williams Event Management (WEM) has revealed to today that Shepparton, Port Macquarie, Toowoomba and Coolum will all allow tear-offs to be used following a challenging opening half of the year with the use of roll-off systems being enforced by MA.

“I support the clubs in their decision and I applaud the riders in coming together and working with Motorcycling Australia,” Williams explained. “The clubs have said their is an onus on the riders, that they are not just throwing the tear-offs on the ground and it will be carefully monitored. There is a real opportunity there now and riders have to take responsibility.

“We had 100 percent left the decision up to the venues and I was personally very clear in discussions that it made no difference for us as the promoter – we didn’t want to make the clubs feel as though they had to make the decision. It wouldn’t impact whether we took a championship round to a venue or not whether they were tear-off or roll-off specific. It has no bearing on our round selection.”

It was initially forecast that the modernised technology of current roll-off systems would be adequate for use from this season both at a national and club level, however wide-spread goggle difficulties and varied failures had been a cause of concern for competitors prior to MA’s tweak of the ruling.