Products 19 Jun 2017

Bike: 2018 KTM EXC-F and EXC range

Revised KTM off-road model range breaks cover.

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KTM has revealed its latest 2018 range of off-road models featuring revisions throughout both the four-stroke and two-stroke model offerings.

For 2018 KTM focused much of their attention on the handling of their off-road models along with slight technical revisions in smaller areas of the motorcycle.

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For 2018 the WP Xplor 48 fork has been revised featuring new outer fork tubes carried over from the 2017 SX and SX-F models and a reworked setting for more front-end sensitivity, improved damping behaviour and reduced weight.

In addition, a sealed hydro-stop guarantees excellent resistance to pushing through the entire 300mm of travel and bottoming out. A comfortable preload adjuster can also be retrofitted to allow for simple spring preload adjustment without the use of tools.

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To improve KTM’s proven cooling system that routes the coolant from the cylinder head through the frame triangle, directly to aluminum radiators, new radiator protectors are also featured for 2018.

These new radiator protectors are designed to improve heat dissipation, especially in muddy conditions. The new protectors are also integrated into the front section of the shrouds to help protect the radiators in the event of a crash.

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The 2018 KTM 500 and 450 EXC-F models continue to feature the compact SOHC engine design using a lightweight overhead camshaft with friction-optimised cam followers boasting a hard DLC coating, while the 350 and 250 EXC-F continue with the DOHC offering.

Four lightweight titanium valves and high-flow ports maximise the flow rate of the 350 and 250 EXC-F models for an optimal power band and outstanding performance across the rev range.

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The 2018 two-stroke EXC models also receive the same WP Xplor 48 fork upgrades along with the improved radiator protectors for increased cooling ability and protection in crashes.

Featuring a compact cylinder and a cutting-edge power valve unit with a sophisticated mechanism for the lateral support exhaust ports, the 2018 KTM two-stroke off-road models continue to offer some of the highest performance in class.

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In addition to the suspension and cooling updates, the two-stroke models also receive a new CDI control unit with advanced hardware designed to improve the starting behaviour of the engine.

Although the new CDI control unit updates the starting behaviour of the models, the regular ignition curves remains unchanged for 2018 carrying over the proven previous settings.

The 2018 range of KTM EXC-F and EXC models are expected to hit Australian shores this September, in the meantime you can head to for further information as it becomes available.