Products 13 Jun 2017

Bike: 2018 Yamaha YZ450F

All-new flagship Yamaha motocross model breaks cover.

Yamaha’s highly-anticipated and all-new 2018 YZ450F broke cover today internationally revealing a completely redesigned model featuring the latest in motocross technology.

Yamaha YZ450F riders will now take advantage of the push-button starting convenience in 2018 the all-new model now featuring electric start as standard using a lightweight lithium-ion battery for optimum weight savings.

In addition to the new electric start offering, the 2018 Yamaha YZ450F also features a world’s first production Power Tuner app for smartphone devices running iOS and Android systems.

As the world’s first production motocross bike with a smartphone-based wireless engine tuner, riders can now connect with the bike to fine-tune their engine performance quicker and easier than ever.

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Using the bike’s onboard Wi-Fi system, you can now make fuel and ignition mapping changes conveniently and the ‘Log’ function also allows you to make notes on your riding location, conditions, bike settings and more.

The Log function can also monitor race settings, maintenance, system diagnostics, engine running time and more. It also allows users to share settings among the team or with friends to further improve Yamaha riders’ performances.

For 2018 the Yamaha YZ450F continues to utilise the distinct reverse-cylinder design that features a unique rear-facing exhaust and forward-mounted downdraft intake system.

An all-new cylinder head has been added for 2018 to save weight and the engine has been repositioned in an all-new frame at a slightly more upright angle for optimised weight distribution throughout the motorcycle.

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New cam profiles and a new crankshaft have also been added to the new YZ450F engine along with a stronger high compression ‘box bridge’ piston design with a DLC coated pin.

The 2018 Yamaha YZ450F also receives a new 44mm Mikuni throttle body and a completely overhauled transmission and clutch designed to five the rider more direct connection and offer improved durability.

Performance and weight distribution have also been improved for 2018 with larger and more directly angled radiators, an an updated exhaust system that sees the rear of the exhaust moved farther forward to help centralise the mass.

Yamaha’s Launch Control System (LCS) also returns for 2018 enabling the rider to perform faster and smoother race starts for the best chance at scoring the holeshot.

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Housing the new 2018 Yamaha YZ450F engine is the completely redesigned and compact bilateral beam aluminium frame that further refines the bike’s handling.

Revised upper frame braces increase rigidity while the redesigned rear frame spars and the new engine mounts improve mass centralisation to provide and ideal balance between cornering feel and straight line rigidity.

Surrounding the all-new frame, the 2018 Yamaha YZ450F features a new, lighter and more compact body that not only gives the model an all-new look, but also provides improved ergonomics.

A smaller 6.2 litre fuel-tank, redesigned top-mounted air-box together with new concave radiator shrouds provide a slimmer knee grip area that not enhances overall feel for added controllability.

With the 2018 Yamaha YZ450F 18mm slimmer in the riders cockpit, engineers also reduced the seat width by 9mm and almost 20mm at the rear-end providing a flatter profile for better weight shifting on-track.

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For 2018 Yamaha continues to offer the KYB spring-type forks using speed sensitive damping to provide optimal balance between handling and bump absorption.

A KYB rear shock is also featured with new damping characteristics to match the new chassis and is equipped with a lighter spring to suit the reduced overall weight of the YZ450F.

To cap off the all-new model and its updated slimline bodywork, the 2018 Yamaha YZ450F also features new graphics and blue rims to highlight the model’s factory bike DNA.

The 2018 YZ450F will be available nationwide this August at a recommended retail price of in $12,399. Two colours options will be offered with the regular Team Yamaha Blue option available and a limited number (100 units total) of special edition White models.