Interviews 23 May 2017

Race Recap: 2017 MX Nationals Rd4 Horsham

Ferris and Todd share their thoughts on Horsham's fourth motocross round.

Horsham’s fourth round of the 2017 Motul MX Nationals series saw CDR Yamaha’s Dean Ferris again claim the overall victory in the MX1 category. Ferris’ round four win marked his fourth-straight overall victory for the 2017 season on a wet and challenging circuit that pushed the riders to their limits throughout the day. In the MX2 category it was DPH Motorsport Yamaha’s Wilson Todd who dominated the field in both motos to claim the overall win and regain the series leading red plate. caught up with both riders post-race.


Image: MXN.

Four rounds into the season here at Horsham and another overall win, there’s not much more that we can say – great result.

Yeah it was one of those days, the track was tough and you had to be smart, I’m glad I maximised my points. It was all about getting a good start and we got two holeshots, I don’t think I’ve ever got two holeshots in one day and it really counted here. So I’m stoked with that and I’m really happy with the team, we just make good decisions at the right moments and I feel like that’s paying off – I feel like that’s the difference at the moment.

Days like this, they’re the type of days where it can go really good or it has the potential to go really bad. So to show that type of dominance in these type of conditions, it’s sort of another step forward in itself?

Yeah it is, you’ve got to be the whole package and we’re already four rounds in and we’ve seen a lot of treacherous conditions. Appin was gnarly, today was gnarly and I’m glad I rose to the occasion and it’s what you need to do. Overall I’m really happy, again I enjoyed my riding today and it was a total opposite to Conondale, really slow, technical and rutted. Conondale was kind of balls to the wall, flat and wide open, so two different conditions but same smile under the helmet from me.

What was the approach in these kinds of conditions once you’re out front, what was the mindset leading for the 30 minutes in each moto?

It was just keep it upright, I didn’t do sight laps so the first couple of laps it was just really looking around, every time I jumped I’d be looking around for a new line and seeing if I could find something better. I was grateful that I had a big enough lead today so that when I caught lappers I could just take my time and let them get out of the way. It was hard, there was one line and the lappers couldn’t really move out of the way either because the track was so bad off the one line, so it was just being consistent and keeping it upright.

And Murray Bridge straight away next weekened, back-to-back rounds. It would be pretty special to go in there and potentially get another win, that would be a perfect first-half of the season, so what’s the plan of attack heading in?

I’m not changing anything, I’ll stick to the game plan, one race at a time and good starts, which we have been getting all year. We’ll see how we go, typically it’s a pretty good track there, it gets really physically, it’s really fast and bumpy so I’m looking forward to getting there and seeing what we can do.

Awesome, thanks a lot and well done!

Thank you.


Image: MXN.

Wilson Todd, perfect weekend here at Horsham, you got the championship lead back as well, awesome result.

Yeah it’s awesome to get the championship lead back for sure, I got out and was consistent today in the mud and I’m not usually any good in the mud so I’m pretty happy about that. Just being on the podium again, that’s what I need the most and I’m happy to be here

How important was it to put these kind of results together, the consistency considering the conditions?

It’s really important, in qualifying I knew there was only one good gate and that was the very inside gate. It was hard pack so I put in my best effort and ended up there, so I’m super happy I got out to two awesome starts which made it really easy for me and my bike was really clean.

The starts, they were key today like you said, but once you were out there circulating in the races was it just a matter of maintaining your focus?

Yeah that’s it, I got out and just started trail riding around – going fast enough to not fall over really. Every time I went past the mechanics area the lead was bigger and bigger, so I knew I didn’t have to push, I just had to stay upright and that was the key to today.

And in terms of the championship now, obviously next weekend marks the half-way point, so how important will it be to carry the red plate into the break? Or is that something you’re not really concerned about?

I’m not concerned at all, I want to be in title contention by the break, I don’t want to be a lot of points behind, I just need to be there. I mean, having the red plate is good and all, but as long as I’m there, I’m happy.