Features 18 May 2017

Tech: 2017 Oakley Front Line MX goggle

An in-depth look at Oakley's latest motocross goggle offering.

Vision and eye protection in motocross and off-road riding are two very important points that brands have focused on in recent years, as we see the level of product continue to rise.

Oakley is one goggle manufacturer that has been pushing that wave of new ideas, increased safety and improved overall vision, and for 2017 yet another high-quality offering has now been added to their product range in the Front Line MX goggle.

Oakley has released the all-new Front Line MX goggle as the latest addition to their high impact line of motocross goggles with a list of high-end features throughout. Using a new rimless frame design, the 2017 Oakley Front Line MX goggle is designed to offer a wide peripheral view for maximum performance on track and in the trails.

With Oakley’s Airbrake MX goggle continuing to hold the top spot in the range, the Front Line MX goggle has been designed as another affordable high-quality addition, according to Oakley’s optics category manager Marcus Floyd.

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

“We obviously revolutionised the market when we put Airbrake MX out and this is a bit of a step down, but at the same time we’ve added in some really good features that are affordable to a wider audience,” Floyd told MotoOnline.com.au. “The most exciting aspect for us is to get an all-new look with the frameless look and feel, while also incorporating our Prizm MX lens technology.

“Obviously we have the Prizm MX lens in the Airbrake MX and Mayhem Pro, so adding this goggle in with maximum peripheral vision and the flush-mount lens with the Ridgelock system is fantastic.”

Offering the Front Line MX goggle with Prizm MX lens technology allows for precise colour filtering of visible light which further increases the vision advantages by separating shades of dirt terrain allowing the rider to view ruts and bumps more easily and react faster.

Although a definite advantage for any rider on the track or trail, the Oakley Front Line MX goggle can be purchased with or without the Prizm MX lens to allow consumers the choice between their preferred vision solution or price point.

With safety being a key factor in the development of the goggle, the Front Line MX is set to impress thanks to the Prizm MX lenses and Ridgelock Technology system combined together for optimum protection.

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

“Safety is paramount for us, especially given that with motocross and roost you have high impact issues,” Floyd explained. “Obviously with the polycarbonate lens you get a massive amount of impact protection and we’ve also utilised our Ridgelock system within these goggles which incorporates a new way to fit the lens into the frame.

“It is easier to remove and replace the lens than traditional goggles in the lexan world, which require a lot more key holes and everyone knows how painful they can be, however it’s still not as fast as our signature premium product in the Airbrake.”

With a large to medium sized fit, the Front Line MX goggle has also been optimised for a wide variety of faces and is engineered to fit perfectly with a majority of the helmets on the market today.

Using a 50mm strap design, a feature not found on the premium Airbrake MX model, the Front Line MX offers a more secure fit to the rider’s helmet and ensures a stronger hold for the duration of your ride.

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

For riders requiring prescription glasses, the new 2017 Oakley Front Line MX goggle also features discreet frame notches at the temple areas to provide compatibility with a range of prescription eyewear without compromising fit.

To ensure clear vision the perimeter seal laminated tear-offs work to shield the lens from debris and moisture that attempt to make their way into the viewing area between the tear-offs and the lens. Or for competitive racers in Australia, a bolt-on 50mm roll-off system remains available in the Front Line MX range to ensure the maximum level of clear vision during those long motos.

The feature-packed 2017 Oakley Front Line MX goggle comes in at a recommended retail price of $159.95 with a clear lens, $179.00 with the Prizm bronze lens, $209.95 with the Prizm jade lens and $219.00 for the race ready & signature range.

The all-new 2017 Oakley Front Line MX goggle is offered in 22 different frame & lens options. For more information on Oakley’s products head to www.monzaimports.com.au.