News 11 Apr 2017

2017 EnduroGP World Championship calendar updated

Greece replaces Slovakia round within updated schedule.

Source: Supplied.

Initially announced late last year, an updated version of the 2017 EnduroGP World World Championship calendar has been released this week with minor revisions to the original nine-round schedule.

With round one already taking place in Helsinki, Finland, the last-minute calendar update will see round five make the switch from Slovakia to Greece on the same date of 1-2 July.

Additional changes to the calendar will see round four in Hungary move extended to 23-25 June after being originally scheduled to take place on 24-25 June.

Round eight in Argentina will also see a slight date change extending from 7-8 October to 6-8 October, the exact location of the event although remains yet to be confirmed at this stage.

Updated 2017 Enduro World Championship calendar:
Rd1 – 25-26 March – Helsinki, Finland
Rd2 – 21-23 April – Puerto Lumbreras, Spain
Rd3 – 26-28 May – Spoleto, Italy
Rd4 – 23-25 June – Paradfurdo, Hungary
Rd5 – 1-2 July – Grevena, Greece
Rd6 – 21-23 July – Castelo Branco, Portugal
Rd7 – 23-24 September – Hawkstone Park, United Kingdom
Rd8 – 6-8 October – TBC, Argentina
Rd9 – 20-22 October – Zshoppau, Germany