News 17 Jan 2017

Makeham to sit out 2017 MX Nationals series

Australian Supercross Championship return on the cards.

Image: Foremost Media.

Kale Makeham today confirmed with that he will not contest the 2017 Motul MX Nationals series as he turns his focus to full-time work.

Following multiple injuries during 2016, including a broken femur at the Tasmanian Rhythm-X event, the Victorian plans to back it down and possibly make a supercross return later this year.

“I’ve made the decision to sit out the MX Nationals and if all goes to plan I’d love to race supercross,” Makeham told “I still have the opportunity to do it, but obviously once it gets a bit closer I’ll assess it then.

“It’s been on my mind for probably a couple of years truthfully, and then breaking my leg and having a few more injuries this year, I’m kind of taking it as a sign that it is the right thing to do.

“I’ll continue to ride and train, I love riding my motorbike, that’ll never change. It’s just the effort you put into the series for what you get out, I really don’t feel like it’s worth it.”

Initially set to return for a full second season with the Proformance Yamaha team, Makeham will look to the Victorian-based squad for a possible supercross return if all goes to plan.

“The team had the spot there for me again for the nationals and I do thank them for that because it was a really good offer,” said Makeham. “Before I broke my leg it was the plan to go again with them, but with the limited time coming in, that’s why I’m giving the nationals a miss.

“That option is there again for supercross and obviously neither of us have commited to it 100 percent, it’s just a wait and see type of deal. It all depends on how these next six months go, I’d love to race supercross, I think the promoters to a really good job and the events are run well. They also give back to the riders, so that’s definitely something I want to do.”

Juggling racing and working for quite some time, Makeham admits this heavy schedule may have contributed to his injuries in past seasons, but looks forward to making the most of his time away from racing.

“I’ve always tried to work and race at the same time,” he added. “It is possible, but at the level I want to race at, it doesn’t make sense. I kind of contribute that to all of the injuries I’ve had, just burning the candle at both ends. It has probably bit me in the ass a bit working and racing.

“But now with the opportunities I now have with work and business, I’ll be full-time and more in these six months and I’ll definitely be making the most of my time off, that’s for sure.”