Products 13 Dec 2016

Review: 2017 100% Accuri goggle wears the latest Accuri offering.

The beauty of today’s market is that the technology has come so far that we’re now seeing the lower price point products become very competitive. That’s exactly the case when it comes to the 2017 100% Accuri goggle, it’s a very affordable product, yet it packs a whole lot of high-end features that you would expect in the most expensive goggles on the market.

Thanks to our friends at Serco, we were provided with the mirrored lens Accuri model, which comes equipped with an extra clear lens and a microfiber bag in the box. If you chose to run with the standard clear lens model, you’ll still receive the microfiber bag to protect your new purchase. As you would know, I’m a mirrored lens fan, so it’s great to see a mirrored lens option on offer for a lower price point goggle.

The great thing about the 100% goggle range is the fact that all of the adult motocross goggles share the same lens and tear-off profile. This means you can share lenses and tear-offs between both the Accuri and high-end Racecraft models. So if you’re starting off with the Accuri and decide to test out the Racecraft, your accessories will fit right on to your next set.

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

When it comes to the look of these goggles, 100% have nailed it. Our 2017 Accuri goggles in the Sundance colour way look absolutely awesome. The combination of blue, white and hi-vis colours really stand out and look super crisp on track. The frame design, strongly based off the flagship Racecraft model, looks great and fits very well within our Bell Moto-9 Helmet.

To ensure optimum comfort and a great field of vision, the Accuri goggle features a flexible and duable urethane frame pre-curved to maximise these vital points. Attached to the Accuri frame is a triple layer foam which has been tasked with the job of soaking up that mid-moto sweat. Not only does it soak up sweat very well, but the triple layer foam also creates a tight and comfortable seal around the face.

If we gave you these goggles to try on, without informing you that these are in fact the lower price point goggle in the 100% range, you would definitely think you’re wearing the premium product – these things are impressive. I always wondered why riders such as Cooper Webb would wear the Accuri at a world-class level, well, now I know why.

Source: Supplied.

Source: Supplied.

Using the same nine-pin lens retention system as the Racecraft goggle, the Accuri lens is secured firmly to the urethane frame. Keeping the whole unit in place is an oversized 45mm silicon coated strap to ensure no slippage occurs. The strap also features a rad asymmetrical design to add to the overall look of the goggle, we’re huge fans of that.

Although the Accuri doesn’t feature outriggers, a third tear-off post remains on the goggle strap for correct fitment. This means these goggles are completely kitted out for race applications, you’re just hitting the track with a little more cash left in your wallet – you definitely can’t complain about that.

Overall the 2017 100% Accuri goggle has been a pleasant surprise during our time putting them through their paces. At a recommended retail price of just $59.95, yes that’s not a typo, you really can’t go wrong with these units. The performance is right up there with the best, you look cool on track and your pocket will be thanking you later too. Be sure to head to your local 100% dealer or check out for more information.