Products 8 Dec 2016

Review: 2017 100% Racecraft goggle

We wear the latest and greatest goggle from 100%.

Goggles are a very important part of motocross riding and racing, no matter what you’re doing, you should be wearing goggles. Our eyes are obviously vital for us human beings, so you should be protecting them with the best possible products. What do we need to look for in a goggle? Strong construction, high quality optics, a tight seal to the face and optimum comfort are some of the key points when it comes to goggles.

Our friends at Serco were kind enough to provide us with a pair of 2017 100% Racecraft goggles in the Hyperloop colour way recently, and we took off to the track to put these to the test. Before we get into the technical side of things, the design of these goggles must be mentioned. The Hyperloop design and colour way is just plain cool and I’m sure our viewers will agree on this one.

Serco provided us with the mirrored lens model, which as I always say, is absolutely awesome because I’m the world’s biggest advocate for these lenses. Within the box we were also provided with an extra clear lens if you’re a fan of those, a stack of tear-offs and a microfiber bag to keep your goggles safe. A clear lens model is also available, inside that box will be just the microfiber bag.

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

As the brand’s premium goggle offering, the Racecraft comes standard with all of the high-end features you would expect in a motocross goggle. To help achieve that perfect fit and balance, the Racecraft goggle features outriggers on each side of the goggle. The outrigger system helps create a firm fit around the face to ensure no dust or dirt enters the goggle out on the track.

Not only do the outriggers help create that snug fit to the face, but they also serve as the third mounting point for your tear-offs. As you’ve been provided with tear-offs within the Racecraft box, you can easily throw the stack on, pin them back to the outrigger tear-off point and you’re ready to roll. There’s really nothing missing in this package right off the shelf.

Attached to the Racecraft frame, which looks super cool and features a very sharp and race-inspired design, is the removable nose guard. For me, once again, I chose to ride without the nose guard, but for you guys out there searching for added protection, you can leave that right where it is. The frame also features patent pending technology to channel air into the foam aiding in moisture management.

These patent pending air intakes channel the air into a thirsty triple-layer moisture managing foam to soak up your sweat on the hottest of days. Testing product means we’re spinning laps and shooting images. Shooting images means there’s a whole lot of sitting and waiting after spinning multiple laps, so this serves as a great time to test the foam’s ability as you steam up waiting to shoot the next section.

Source: Supplied.

Source: Supplied.

Not once have I felt any sweat drip down into my eyes, and not once did I feel that I was near having that happen. The 2017 100% Racecraft triple layer foam really does its job well, and as he head into our Australian summer, that’s a huge plus for these goggles. Have you ever had sweat drip into your eyes mid moto? Let’s just say it’s not the most ideal situation.

Fitted within the frame is the anit-fog coated lexan lens designed to provide flawless vision and protection. Using a nine-pin retention system, the highest number of retention points in the industry, the Racecraft lens is secured well to hold up to the abuse of motocross racing. Another noteable feature is the use of the same shape lens across the 100% goggle range, that’s handy!

Keeping the goggles secure to your helmet is a 45mm wide, silicon-coated strap to eliminate slippage. The strap, just like the frame, also features a rad design and really stands out on track. I can’t stress enough how cool these goggles look, the guys at 100% really have outdone themselves when it comes to the look of these goggles.

Overall the 2017 100% Racecraft goggle is a very solid unit. It provides great protection, comfort, ventilation and you look very cool on track. Speaking of looking cool, there’s a tonne of other colours and designs to choose from in the 2017 Racecraft range, the Hyperloop is just one of many! The 2017 100% Racecraft goggle is now available Australia wide at a recommended retail price of $109.95. For more information on 100% products, head to