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Review: 2017 Thor MX Sniper Chase goggle reviews Thor MX's latest in eye protection.

It’s rare these days that you will see us out on track wearing a matching gear and goggle combination, there’s just so many goggle-specific brands out there ruling the market and pushing the limits with innovative ideas. When taking delivery of our 2017 Thor MX gear sets it was surprising to see a set of their goggles included in the package, and quite exciting at the same time to have the chance to put their eye protection to the test!

The guys at GAS Imports provided us with a set of 2017 Sniper Chase lime/white goggles, which is quite a cool colour combination and looks fresh and crisp. Right out of the box, the Sniper Chase goggle features an optically correct polycarbonate, anti-fog, scratch resistant, mirrored lens with UV protection. What does this mean? It means clear vision, great protection from the sun and awesome aesthetics.

As you may have noticed in previous goggle reviews, I’m a huge fan of tinted iridium lenses. There’s almost no time that you will see me hit the track with a clear lens, so I was pumped to see this lens fitted to the goggles right out of the box. In saying that, if you’re a clear lens kind of guy, Thor MX also provide an additional clear unit if you’d like to swap it out!

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

What else is in the box? Along with the spare clear lens, a plush goggle bag is also included for safe storage of your latest purchase. The Sniper Chase goggles also feature a removable nose guard, which personally, I remove from almost every pair of goggles I wear. Once again though, it’s nice to have that option and for me the goggles worked best without the optional nose guard.

Using dual layer 14mm face foam with a soft micro fleece liner, the Thor MX Sniper Chase goggle is super comfortable to wear and the adjustable woven strap with silicone grip provides a nice snug fit to the face. I personally tend to prefer a slightly wider goggle, and the Sniper Chase fits that bill for me. It’s really a nicely sized frame overall and it fits perfectly in our Bell Moto-9 Flex.

Not only does the frame fit well to both the face and our current helmet of choice, it also looks great. Using an injection molded brow component to maintain frame contour, the Sniper Chase frame has more of a minimalist look to it and looks very clean on track. Unique flush mounted strap covers on each side of the goggle are also featured for added retention – it’s the little things that count.

Source: Supplied.

Source: Supplied.

Obviously air-flow is a huge deal when it comes to motocross goggles, so Thor MX have taken multiple steps to ensure this is taken care of. Firstly, the frame has been designed with maximum air-flow vents integrated throughout. Secondly, drilled frame ports are featured for increased ventilation and fog resistance.

To cap off the 2017 Thor MX Sniper Chase goggles, a triple post tear-off system has also been added. The triple post system is vital when using tear-offs, without that, you’ve got those things flapping around in the wind and it’s just way too distracting. Replacement tear-offs are also available for the Sniper Chase goggle from your local Thor MX dealer.

After a number of hours on track in the 2017 Thor MX Sniper Chase goggle, it’s safe to say the verdict is a positive one. If you’re searching for comfort, good looks and performance at an affordable price, these goggles are definitely worth looking at. Now available Australia wide at a recommended retail price of $99.95, be sure to head to your local Thor MX dealer today! For more information on the Sniper Chase goggles and the entire 2017 Thor MX range, head to