Products 17 Nov 2016

Review: 2017 ANSR Elite gear set hits the track in Answer's mid-level offering.

When it comes to selecting a new set of gear there’s multiple aspects of the product that you need to take into account. You’ll be looking for something that fits well, looks great, is cost-effective and offers ample ventilation if you’re riding in warmer conditions.

ANSR’s Elite line was designed to feature the ideal blend of fit and function at a mid-level price point. Featuring an all-new fit, performance materials and a selection of high-end features, the 2017 Elite gear set aims to tick all of the crucial boxes.

Let’s start off with a huge factor when it comes to choosing a new set of gear, the looks! Let’s face it, we all know that looking cool at the track is something we strive for at all times as motocross riders. Some riders may not want to admit it, but it’s definitely the truth.

Luckily you can look cool at the track with the 2017 ANSR Elite line. Our red/blue colour combination looks absolutely awesome on track, it really stands out and has a super clean look. We’re huge fans of this design and colour combination here at

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

If you’re a rider who tends to find every puddle on the track and cops a tonne of roost at all times, the red/blue colour may not be the best choice as it features a lot of white within the design. In this situation ANSR still has you covered, you can pick up the Elite LE Camo, Black/Hi-Viz or simple black/white combinations and your problems are solved!

Constructed using a high performance, lightweight waffle poly fabric, the Elite jersey is super comfortable and although not a ‘vented’ model, offers ample airflow out on the track. Using a raglan pattern, the Elite jersey allows for maximum rider mobility and the comfortable two-piece collar and waffle poly fabric cuffs offer an unrestricted fit and feel.

The overall fit and cut of the 2017 ANSR Elite jersey is right on the money. It’s more of a ‘regular’ fitting jersey that would allow the use of a slim line roost protector underneath if you prefer that. To cap it off, the Elite jersey features an extra-long tail section to ensure it stays tucked in at all times.

When it comes to pants, I’m quite picky as I have quite long legs making some pants feel tight around the lower leg area. With the 2017 ANSR Elite pant, there’s no issues there. The pant features multiple panels to optimize fit, comfort and performance, along with flexible rubber knee, fly, yoke and leg badges.

Source: Supplied.

Source: Supplied.

Flexibility within a pant design is crucial, and ANSR have ensured to include enough within their 2017 Elite offering. Not once did I feel restricted out on the track and overall the fit and performance of the pant felt amazing for a mid-level price point offering. Cover my eyes and I would think these pants are top of the range, no doubt about it.

Another plus when it comes to the 2017 Elite pant are the dual side adjusters. These are a feature that I feel all pants should come with, obviously they add a slight amount of bulk to the waist region, but they’re just so handy! If you’re stuck between sizes, there’s no worry, you can go for a size 34, for example, and slightly tighten the waist so you’re smack bang between 32 and 34 – awesome!

The 2017 ANSR Elite pant also features a padded knee area, leather knee inners to fend off exhaust and engine heat, and a heavy duty zipper with a secure ratchet buckle. There’s really no situation where the Elite pant falls short, it looks great, performs well and comes in at an affordable price point.

At a recommended retail price of $59.95 for the jersey and $179.95 for the pant, the 2017 ANSR Elite gear set is definitely an outfit you should look into. If you want to look cool, feel great and keep your wallet relatively full, be sure to get yourself into a set of ANSR Elite gear. For more information on the 2017 ANSR line, head to