News 16 Nov 2016

Shattered Mellross looks ahead following disaster in Sydney

New South Welshman 'embracing' unfortunate circumstances.

Image: AUS-X Open.

Image: AUS-X Open.

Hayden Mellross’ weekend at the AUS-X Open came to an agonising end after a mechanical malfunction in the dying stages of Sunday’s main event denied him his first Australian championship in professional racing.

Following a third place finish in Saturday’s fifth round, Mellross entered Sunday’s finale with a six-point advantage, however his misfortune saw him relegated to third in the standings after controlling the championship since Toowoomba’s second round.

The New South Welshman was understandably emotional after the event, although he maintained his composure in a professional manner and explained he will embrace the devastating circumstances in order to make him a stronger and better rider.

“It’s not the ideal situation, but this is just the hand I’m dealt with,” shared Mellross. “I’m just going to embrace all of this, it’s going to make me stronger and [it will] build me to be a better and smarter rider for next year. I’m looking forward to it.”

Mellross was a revelation in this year’s championship, failing to finish off the podium until Sydney’s finale, while also claiming his maiden supercross victory earlier in the series.

It is believed the 21-year-old will contest the prestigious Monster Energy Supercross championship in the United States of America next year, however an official announcement is yet to be revealed.