Features 14 Nov 2016

Breakdown: 2016 AUS-X Open

The vitals from Sydney's AUS Supercross finals inside Qudos Bank Arena.

MotoOnline.com.au breaks down the specifics from Saturday and Sunday’s final rounds of the 2016 Australian Supercross Championship, which was run in conjunction with the prestigious AUS-X Open inside Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena. Chad Reed and Gavin Faith were the favourites to capture victory, and they delivered exactly that over both nights.


Image: AUS-X Open.

Image: AUS-X Open.

Saturday main event results:
1. Chad Reed
2. Justin Brayton
3. Jay Marmont
4. Cooper Webb
5. Kade Mosig
6. Ryan Villopoto
7. Dan Reardon
8. Dean Ferris
9. Todd Waters
10. Wil Hahn
11. Chris Alldredge
12. Kyle Peters

Race time: 10m43.371s
Margin of victory: 6.191s
Laps completed: 20
Fastest lap: Chad Reed 31.430s

Sunday main event results:
1. Chad Reed
2. Cooper Webb
3. Justin Brayton
4. Ryan Villopoto
5. Dean Ferris
6. Kyle Peters
7. Wil Hahn
8. Dan Reardon
9. Chris Alldredge
10. Adam Enticknap

Race time: 10m53.876s
Margin of victory: 1.804s
Laps completed: 20
Fastest lap: Chad Reed 32.030s

Championship standings:
1. Justin Brayton 115
2. Dean Ferris 91
3. Dan Reardon 81
4. Wil Hahn 81
5. Jay Marmont 71
6. Kade Mosig 64
7. Jay Wilson 48
8. Adam Enticknap 47
9. Kyle Peters 43
10. Luke Wilson 35
11. Lawson Bopping 33
12. Jesse Dobson 32
13. Chad Reed 30
14. Boyd Hocking 30
15. Joel Newton 22
16. Cooper Webb 20
17. Todd Waters 20
18. Chris Camilleri 16
19. Barry Surawski 14
20. Ryan Villopoto 13

Verdict: Australian supercross and motocross legend Chad Reed (Yamaha Factory Racing) claimed back-to-back wins in Sydney, much to the delight of fans that packed out Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena. He didn’t have it all his own way, as Saturday night saw him race behind newly crowned champion Justin Brayton (Honda Genuine Racing) for majority of the 20-lap main, however he made the all important pass with just a handful of laps to go. The pair found themselves just seconds into Sunday’s main event, where Reed slammed Brayton exiting turn one, forcing the Honda-mounted rider to the ground. Headlining American Ryan Villopoto (Monster Energy Kawasaki) used the opportunity to grasp the early lead, although Reed was able to overcome the four-time Monster Energy Supercross champion just laps into the race via the Shannons shortcut lane. Reed’s teammate Cooper Webb (Yamaha Factory Racing) turned his weekend around on Sunday to finish in second after being credited fourth the previous night. One of the most special moments to transpire over the weekend was Jay Marmont’s (MXR&D Husqvarna) heroic podium finish on Saturday – his first since coming out of retirement for the 2016 Australian Supercross Championship. The multi-time Australian supercross and motocross champion was thrilled with the result which justified his comeback to professional racing.


Image: AUS-X Open.

Image: AUS-X Open.

Saturday main event results:
1. Gavin Faith
2. Jackson Richardson
3. Hayden Mellross
4. Nathan Crawford
5. Wilson Todd
6. Aaron Tanti
7. Joel Wightman
8. Kale Makeham
9. Geran Stapleton
10. Josh Cachia
11. Dylan Wills
12. Jesse Madden

Race time: 8m14.183s
Margin of victory: 3.769s
Laps completed: 15
Fastest lap: Hayden Mellross 31.779s

Sunday main event results:
1. Gavin Faith
2. Jackson Richardson
3. Kyle Webster
4. Josh Cachia
5. Jordan Hill
6. Joel Wightman
7. Geran Stapleton
8. Wilson Todd
9. Tomas Ravenhorst
10. Keiron Hall
11. Ford Dale

Race time: 8m11.618s
Margin of victory: 16.415s
Laps completed: 15
Fastest lap: Gavin Faith 32.308s

Championship standings:
1. Jackson Richardson 105
2. Gavin Faith 102
3. Hayden Mellross 99
4. Joel Wightman 62
5. Wade Hunter 58
6. Wilson Todd 56
7. Dylan Wills 53
8. Jordan Hill 48
9. Kyle Webster 47
10. Aaron Tanti 44
11. Geran Stapleton 42
12. Tomas Ravenhorst 39
13. Josh Cachia 36
14. Lewis Woods 34
15. Nathan Crawford 31
16. Jesse Madden 22
17. Connor Tierney 19
18. James Brown 15
19. Jimmy Decotis 14
20. Taylor Potter 11

Verdict: Penrite Honda’s Gavin Faith controlled the race for the entire 15 laps to make it two wins in a row at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena, putting him to just three points of the title at the conclusion of the weekend. DPH Motorsport’s Hayden Mellross tagged onto the back of Faith, however disaster struck the New South Welshman with only two laps to go when a mechanical malfunction saw his night come to a premature end, ultimately costing him the championship. Serco Yamaha’s Jackson Richardson took advantage of the situation, racing home to second and earning the SX2 title in the process. Mellross was evidently distraught after the race, although he displayed his true character by congratulating Richardson on the championship and maintaining his composure for a post-race interview on live television. Sunday’s top three was rounded out by Western Australia’s Kyle Webster (CRF Honda Racing), who’s third place finish marked his maiden podium in professional supercross racing. The 20-year-old was overwhelmingly pleased to cap-off the year with such a strong and confidence boosting result.