Products 10 Nov 2016

Review: 2017 SCOTT Prospect goggle puts the latest from SCOTT to the test.

When SCOTT unveiled the all-new 2017 Prospect goggle, it was certainly a product we couldn’t wait to get our hands on. SCOTT goggles have always been a high quality choice of eye protection when it comes to motocross, and we had a feeling their latest and greatest innovation would continue that trend.

Featuring a larger lens and a thin frame construction, the Prospect goggle offers a maximum field of vision due to the extra height of the lens. The lens is also closer to your eyes to help maximise the overall field of vision. Field of vision has become a huge focus for goggle manufacturers in the past few years, and SCOTT has come through with the goods in that department.

Speaking of the lens region of the goggle, the all-new lens retention system developed by SCOTT ensures that the lens won’t pop out when hit with flying rocks or dirt. The lens itself sits within a rubber groove around the frame of the goggle, which is then locked in with moving sections of the outer frame. It really is quite an impressive system overall and works very well.

Our set of red/black SCOTT Prospect goggles came fitted with a sliver chrome works lens as standard. Included in the package was an additional clear lens for those cloudy days. For me, I’m a huge fan of tinted lenses, so the silver chrome works lens has remained in the frame for the duration of our time with the product.

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

The lens also features a ‘NoFog’ anti-fog lens treatment, which works very well. When testing products or bikes, you find yourself sitting in the sun waiting to hit a certain section of the track to nail the shots you need. This time sitting on the side of the track is the perfect chance to test the anti-fog ability of your goggles. The 2017 SCOTT Prospect does very well in this department, no doubt about it!

The physical size of the 2017 SCOTT Prospect is quite large and fits perfectly inside our Bell Moto-9 Flex helmet. If the frame were any larger, we may be in trouble, but it’s the perfect size to fill your goggle port and won’t allow any dust or dirt to find its way between your helmet and goggles.

Using 3.2 thermoformed face foam, sweat is channeled away from your face and pressure is also released from the nose. The first layer draws sweat away from the face, the middle layer absorbs sweat and the third layer creates a comfortable fit and seal. Two pivoting outriggers also allow the goggle to adapt to any helmet shape and the pressure created by the goggle on the rider’s face provides a great seal.

The 2017 SCOTT Prospect goggle is super comfortable and definitely performs well in warm conditions. For me, I found using the goggle without the removable nose protector was ideal. As the Bell Moto-9 Flex mouthpiece is actually quite close to the face, I found the nose protector would touch on the helmet. All it took was a few seconds to remove the piece and I was on my way – easy fix!

The actual shape and design of the goggle is something that definitely needs to be touched on, it looks amazing. The unique frame design gives these goggles an awesome look, and the colour and lens combinations on offer are absolutely killer. It’s always good to see a brand nail both the function and form when releasing an all-new product.

Source: Supplied.

Source: Supplied.

To avoid having the goggle slip on your helmet, the 2017 SCOTT Prospect is now fitted with an extra wide, no-slip, silicone strap. This strap, together with articulated outriggers, highly contributes to the improvement of the helmet integration. The SCOTT Prospect is also the only motocross goggle compatible with SCOTT’s revolutionary roll-off system, the WFS50.

The low nose design of these goggles makes the installation of the 50mm film possible and the pivoting outriggers enable a slick integration of the canisters for an unmatched look even with the roll offs mounted. The new WFS50 also features a quick and tool-less canister installation with the SCOTT Click-On technology. The red lever makes sure the canister is safely attached to the pins and allows switching from roll-offs to tear-offs easy.

The film height of SCOTT’s new WFS50 roll-off system has been increased by 56 percent to become the largest on the market with up to 50 clear views of vision. With the canisters being positioned behind the pivoting outriggers, this results in an increase in field of vision and the canister integration results in a more fluid look.

Overall the 2017 SCOTT Prospect goggle is one impressive product and a credit to the SCOTT brand. Not only are these goggles of the highest quality, they also come in at quite a reasonable price point of $129.95 for the goggle and $149.95 for the goggle and WFS50 roll-off system combination – great value! The 2017 SCOTT Prospect goggle is now available Australia wide, be sure to check out for more information.