Features 7 Nov 2016

Breakdown: 2016 AUS Supercross Rd4 Melbourne

The vitals from Victoria's fourth round of supercross.

MotoOnline.com.au breaks down the specifics from Saturday night’s fourth round of the 2016 Australian Supercross Championship at Avalon Raceway in Victoria.


Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

Heat one results:
1. Justin Brayton
2. Dan Reardon
3. Dean Ferris
4. Kyle Peters
5. Cheyne Boyd
6. Jay Wilson
7. Chris Alldredge
8. Boyd Hocking
9. Joel Newton

Race time: 7m35.482s
Margin of victory: 4.718s
Laps completed: 8
Fastest lap: Dean Ferris 1m02.348s

Heat two results:
1. Wil Hahn
2. Jay Marmont
3. Jesse Dobson
4. Kade Mosig
5. Adam Enticknap
6. Lawson Bopping
7. Chris Camilleri
8. Luke Wilson
9. James Alen

Race time: 7m46.738s
Margin of victory: 1.974s
Laps completed: 8
Fastest lap: Lawson Bopping 1m03.064s

Main event results:
1. Dean Ferris
2. Dan Reardon
3. Wil Hahn
4. Justin Brayton
5. Jay Marmont
6. Jesse Dobson
7. Kade Mosig
8. Cheyne Boyd
9. Lawson Bopping
10. Jay Wilson
11. Adam Enticknap
12. Chris Alldredge
13. Chris Camilleri
14. Joel Newton
15. Boyd Hocking
16. James Alen

Race time: 20m10.539s
Margin of victory: 3.984s
Laps completed: 20
Fastest lap: Dean Ferris 1m01.664s

Verdict: Honda Genuine Racing’s Justin Brayton was on-track to claim another holeshot, however as the SX1 field entered the tight opening turn, he we knocked off balance and found himself at the rear of the field. CDR Yamaha teammates Dan Reardon and Dean Ferris took advantage and began to gap the field. As they approached the halfway mark, Ferris overcame Reardon and extended a comfortable lead to capture his maiden supercross victory. National Pump Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Wil Hahn raced to third behind Reardon, while Brayton negotiated his way through the field, making a pass on Jay Marmont (MXR&D Husqvarna) in the closing laps of the race to finish in fourth.


Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

Heat one results:
1. Kyle Webster
2. Wade Hunter
3. Gavin Faith
4. Wilson Todd
5. Jesse Madden
6. Tomas Ravenhorst
7. Taylor Potter
8. Connor Tierney
9. Jackson Richardson
10. Kale Makeham
11. Hugh McKay
12. Mitchell Norris

Race time: 6m45.055s
Margin of victory: 1.146s
Laps completed: 7
Fastest lap: Wade Hunter 1m03.297s

Heat two results:
1. Dylan Wills
2. Hayden Mellross
3. Aaron Tanti
4. Lewis Woods
5. Josh Cachia
6. Luke Clout
7. Joel Wightman
8. Jordan Hill
9. Nathan Crawford
10. Jamie Harvey
11. James Brown
12. Jake Cahir

Race time: 6m41.281s
Margin of victory: 1.246s
Laps completed: 7
Fastest lap: Hayden Mellross 1m02.850s

Main event results:
1. Gavin Faith
2. Jackson Richardson
3. Hayden Mellross
4. Dylan Wills
5. Wilson Todd
6. Joel Wightman
7. Kyle Webster
8. Aaron Tanti
9. Jesse Madden
10. Taylor Potter
11. Lewis Woods
12. Tomas Ravenhorst
13. Jordan Hill
14. James Brown
15. Kale Makeham
16. Mitchell Norris

Race time: 15m16.790s
Margin of victory: 2.609s
Laps completed: 15
Fastest lap: 1m02.750s

Verdict: Serco Yamaha’s Jackson Richardson held the early lead well into the opening laps of the race, although American Gavin Faith (Penrite Honda) would move his way into the position by lap four, before going onto take his second victory of the season. Current SX2 series leader Hayden Mellross came from a mid-pack start to complete the 15-lap main event behind Richardson in third, while Raceline Pirelli KTM’s Dylan Wills recorded his best result of the year in fourth. Luke Clout (Honda Genuine Racing) and Wade Hunter (Serco Yamaha) both suffered injuries in seperate incidents on the opening lap, forcing them to withdraw from the event.