Products 3 Nov 2016

Review: 2017 Thor MX Pulse Aktiv gear set puts the Pulse Aktiv offering to the test.

When it comes to motocross gear, the market is filled with a range of quality offerings for 2017. Obviously it’s already a win having such a wide range of quality gear to choose from, but it’s an even bigger win when you have high quality gear sets on offer at a very affordable price point – introducing the 2017 Thor MX Pulse Aktiv.

The 2017 Thor MX Pulse Aktiv jersey uses a performance fit that minimizes the use of any unnecessary material, without hindering mobility. Thor MX have done a great job in cutting down the excess material without creating a jersey that feels tight or restrictive in any way. Designed to compliment the tailored fit, the moisture wicking fabric pulls moisture away from your skin to keep you cool and dry during your motos.

Not only does the jersey feel good and perform very well in warm conditions, it also looks good! The clean and minimalistic sublimated design of our Pulse Aktiv blue/black gear set really looks the part on track and has a race-inspired feel to it. Throw in the modern look of the performance fit and you’ve got yourself a super clean setup at entry-level pricing.

Something that Thor MX also focused on with their Pulse Aktiv jersey is the collar. For 2017, the Pulse Aktiv jersey features the Softstretch collar design constructed using a silky smooth four-way stretch material. Now I must have a really large head because pulling the collar over my head was quite a task, but once it was on, the collar area felt great. You truly don’t notice that a collar is event there thanks to the smooth four-way stretch construction – great stuff!

Source: Supplied.

Source: Supplied.

The 2017 Pulse Aktiv pant, just like the jersey, features a super clean and sharp design to match. The majority of the pant is actually black, which is very handy for you guys out there who want your gear to look fresh for longer. Constructed using abrasion resistant polyester and nylon, Thor MX use double and triple stitched seams to ensure maximum durability.

In the comfort department, the Pulse Aktiv pant features a pre-curved knee design to assume the active riding position before you even throw the pant on. This allows for a more comfortable fit, less bunching while riding and ease of movement around the motorcycle. The Pulse Aktiv pant also features adjustable side cinches on each hip for a versatile fit, a huge advantage for riders who are not exactly bang on one size.

You may buy a size 34 pant and then proceed to lay off the burgers and hit the gym, suddenly you’re down to somewhere between a 34 and 32, not a problem! Just undo the velcro on the side cinches and tighten the pant to your desired fit and you’re ready to go riding. This is an awesome feature that really does make the Pulse Aktiv pant very versatile.

The 2017 Thor MX Pulse Aktiv pant also features an athletic mesh inner liner that doesn’t span the entire length of the pant leg. If you’re someone who wears knee braces, this makes life a whole lot easier when removing your gear at the end of the day. Ever had the mesh inner liner snagged on your knee brace and tear the entire section out of the pant? Yes, I’m sure you have.

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

Another great feature is the small interior hip pocket that features a velcro closure. It’s not a huge pocket, but it’s large enough to throw your car key into, or even a small snack if you’re going on a longer ride with your friends. I know personally I’ve needed something like this in the past and wished it were offered, you’ve knocked it out of the park for me on that one, Thor MX!

In the glove department, we were provided with a set of 2017 Draft indi yellow/blue gloves to go along with our Pulse Aktiv gear set. First impressions? Super comfortable and super lightweight. Constructed using four-way stretch mesh expansion panels, the Draft glove allows your hands maximum range of motion. Venting mesh throughout the backhand, along with perforated single- layer palms, do their job quite well keeping your hands cool.

Using a hook and loop wrist closure, the Draft glove is very easy to slip on and off, and the closure system stays tight during motos. These 100 percent nylon gloves featuring minimal silicone and rubber details really tick all the boxes for me. It’s hard to go past a simple, light and minimalistic glove that’s super comfortable and performs very well on track.

Overall the 2017 Thor MX Pulse Aktiv gear set and Draft glove are a great combination. Each piece of this gear set has been designed with performance in mind and the minimalistic approach lends itself to the racing market very well. At a recommended retail price of just $49.95 for the jersey, $159.95 for the pant and $39.95 for the glove, you need to check this stuff out if you’re in the market for new gear. For more information on the entire 2017 Thor MX line, head to