Features 31 Oct 2016

Breakdown: 2016 AUS Supercross Rd3 Adelaide

The vitals from South Australia's third round of supercross.

MotoOnline.com.au breaks down the specifics from Saturday night’s third round of the 2016 Australian Supercross Championship at the Adelaide Showgrounds in South Australia.


Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

Heat one results:
1. Dean Ferris
2. Todd Waters
3. Jay Marmont
4. Kyle Peters
5. Lawson Bopping
6. Justin Brayton
7. Luke Wilson
8. Joel Newton
9. Jonathon Krusic

Race time: 6m18.459s
Margin of victory: 1.605s
Laps completed: 8
Fastest lap: Justin Brayton 46.463s

Heat two results:
1. Wil Hahn
2. Dan Reardon
3. Adam Enticknap
4. Jesse Dobson
5. Jay Wilson
6. Kade Mosig
7. Chris Camilleri
8. Boyd Hocking
9. James Alen

Race time: 6m17.024s
Margin of victory: 7.085s
Laps completed: 8
Fastest lap: Wil Hahn 46.735s

Main event results:
1. Justin Brayton
2. Dan Reardon
3. Kyle Peters
4. Wil Hahn
5. Jay Marmont
6. Dean Ferris
7. Kade Mosig
8. Jesse Dobson
9. Jay Wilson
10. Adam Enticknap
11. Lawson Bopping
12. Luke Wilson
13. Chris Camilleri
14. Boyd Hocking
15. James Alen
16. Joel Newton

Race time: 16m09.526s
Margin of victory: 8.394s
Laps completed: 20
Fastest lap: Justin Brayton 46.593s

Verdict: Honda Genuine Racing’s Justin Brayton captured the holeshot and would lead every lap on his way to claiming his third-consecutive main event victory. CDR Yamaha’s Dan Reardon slotted into a comfortable second, although in the dying stages of the race, KTM Motocross Racing Team’s Kyle Peters started to reel in the defending champion before running out of time and settling for third. Wil Hahn (National Pump Monster Energy Kawasaki) finished just shy of the podium, while Jay Marmont (Husqvarna) rounded out the top five.


Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

Heat one results:
1. Hayden Mellross
2. Gavin Faith
3. Luke Clout
4. Josh Cachia
5. Wilson todd
6. Dylan Wills
7. Jesse Madden
8. Jordan Hill
9. Jamie Harvey
10. Hugh McKay
11. Jake Cahir

Race time: 5m25.396s
Margin of victory: 0.821s
Laps completed: 7
Fastest lap: Hayden Mellross 46.485s

Heat two results:
1. Jackson Richardson
2. Kale Makeham
3. Joel Wightman
4. Tomas Ravenhorst
5. Nathan Crawford
6. Aaron Tanti
7. Wade Hunter
8. Connor Tierney
9. James Brown
10. Mitchell Norris
11. Allister Kent

Race time: 5m46.903s
Margin of victory: 3.505s
Laps completed: 7
Fastest lap: Jackson Richardson 49.140s

Main event results:
1. Hayden Mellross
2. Gavin Faith
3. Wade Hunter
4. Wilson Todd
5. Jackson Richardson
6. Dylan Wills
7. Kyle Webster
8. Tomas Ravenhorst
9. Josh Cachia
10. Joel Wightman
11. Jordan Hill
12. Aaron Tanti
13. Nathan Crawford
14. Connor Tierney
15. Mitchell Norris
16. James Brown
17. Luke Clout

Race time: 12m04.222s
Margin of victory: 11.683s
Laps completed: 15
Fastest lap: Hayden Mellross 47.275s

Verdict: DPH Motorsport’s Hayden Mellross secured the early lead with pressure from Gavin Faith (Penrite Honda) on the opening laps. Mellross was able to bridge a comfortable gap by the halfway mark to claim his maiden victory by over 11 seconds. Faith settle for second, while Serco Yamaha’s fought off Luke Clout (Honda Genuine Racing) and Kyle Webster (CRF Honda Racing) to grasp third position by lap five, where he remained for the duration of the 15-lap race. Fellow Serco Yamaha teammates Wilson Todd and Jackson Richardson were credited fourth and fifth respectively.