News 11 Oct 2016

Reed primed for another Monster Energy Cup appearance

Lead-in to 2017 season so far, so good for Australian icon.

Image: Simon Cudby.

Image: Simon Cudby.

Chad Reed will enter this weekend’s Monster Energy Cup event rejuvenated and ready following a lengthy preparation program leading into the unique race.

Opting to focus on his Monster Energy Cup and 2017 preparations following two MXGP World Championship appearances in June, the Australian is excited to return to racing inside Sam Boyd Stadium on 15 October.

“It’s been a long time since I actually raced,” said Reed. “I enjoyed my time off since then and just regrouped and got a full head of steam again and have been working away and training and getting ready. I’m excited. I’m really excited to go racing again.”

Coming off the back of a ninth place finish in 2015, Reed admits this year’s event will be the first he enters feeling positive and ready to shoot for the top of the podium.

“I feel like I’ve never raced the Monster Cup prepared and excited to go racing. I’ve always just kind of got my head barely above water and, for the most part, was there by obligation only, not because I wanted to be there,” he explained. “The fact that I feel ready and that I really want to go racing, that’s a first time for me at this event. It makes it fun.”

Having a factory Yamaha deal locked in and a solid program underway contributes largely to Reeds confidence and positive attitude ahead of the event.

“Last year I was paying a couple of old TwoTwo mechanics to stick around and work on my Yamahas that were basically just loaners,” he said. “We were working out of the Yamaha rig with a couple of amateur kids. At the time it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it, but yeah, I mean we weren’t prepared; we weren’t ready to go take on the world.

“I feel better about where we are today as opposed to rewinding a year ago, that’s for sure. This time last year I didn’t know if the Monster Cup was going to be my last race as a professional. I didn’t have a job and I was unsure whether I could get a job. It was like, shit man, am I going to retire? Is this it? Is this my going out race? My future is now signed, sealed, and delivered and we’re happy and sleeping at night and just working toward the future.”

With $1-million on the line for the rider who can win all three main events on the night, the experienced Aussie will be searching for holeshots and strong performances throughout the night.

“A million bucks would be frickin’ awesome in my bank account,” he added. “If I can get some holeshots and throw down for three motos, it would be nice to win. For me, I want to win. I want to go do well. That’s where I stand.”

Teammate and premier class newcomer, Cooper Webb, is yet to be confirmed to ride alongside Reed at this weekend’s event.