News 7 Oct 2016

Mystery illness continues to plague Bopping

Supercross ace to return at Toowoomba's round two.

Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

DPH Motorsport Yamaha’s Lawson Bopping will return at Toowoomba’s second round of the 2016 Australian Supercross Championship despite a DNF result at round one due to ongoing health issues.

The mystery virus that forced Bopping out of this year’s Motul MX Nationals series has continued to plague the SX1 contender on return to racing.

“I didn’t have any energy basically, it’s weird,” Bopping told “I started riding supercross a month before round one and I was feeling quite good, but the more I do, the worse I feel. I started off alright practicing and I felt good, went through all of our testing, then went to the race at Jimboomba and I was pretty tired.

“I was only good for a couple of laps and then I’d have no energy. In the heat race I was behind [Dan] Reardon and [Kyle] Peters and I could go their pace, no worries. But as soon as I’d make a mistake it felt like my heart rate would go through the roof, I nearly passed out after that heat race, I was wrecked.”

Bopping was forced to withdraw from the 20-lap main event and list a DNF finish to kick off his 2016 supercross campaign, a frustrating situation for the New South Wales native.

“In the main I did around seven laps and I was completely exhausted, I had nothing, I couldn’t even roll around basically,” he explained. “That was super frustrating and very annoying.”

In order to return to racing at Toowoomba on 14 October, Bopping has continued to seek further medical advice and hopes a mixture of rest, diet and medication will be the answer to the ongoing issue.

“I will be racing round two and it’s the same sort of thing, I’ll be there trying to do my best, but I can’t really say if I’m going to be good or not,” he added. “I have good and bad days, this thing is just sapping all of my energy. I’ve changed up my diet quite a bit and I’m on a heap of immune boosting medication, I’ll do my best there and see where I end up.

“I’ve seen more doctors and I’m just trying to figure out what exactly is going on,” he added. “I’m seeing one doctor now in Canberra who has been pretty good, she’s been helping me out with different medications and I’ve been doing that since the week after round one.

“I’ve just been taking it easy and I haven’t been riding too much. All I want to do is throw down motos and ride as much as I can, but my body won’t let me right now – frustrating times for sure. I’m working on it, I just want to be normal.”