News 6 Oct 2016

Active8 Yamaha's Green cleared for riding return

New South Welshman planning for A4DE comeback.

Image: Russell Colvin.

Image: Russell Colvin.

Active8 Yamaha’s Josh Green has been cleared to commence riding after undergoing surgery in May of this year to repair his injured knee.

Green suffered the injury at the opening rounds of the 2016 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship, which ultimately ended his season. The New South Welshman confirmed to that he rode for the first time this week following his surgeon’s instructions.

“I’ve been seeing my physio flat out and he’s pretty confident in it,” Green explained. “I booked in to see my surgeon a month early than what he wanted me to, so I saw him on Tuesday and he was pumped with it.”

“He said it was a good idea to get back on the bike and couldn’t see there being a problem with it. From there I went straight to the team property, got on the bike and went riding.”

The Yamaha-supported rider is planning on making his racing return at this year’s Yamaha Australian Four Day Enduro (A4DE), which is scheduled to take place on 14-19 November, in Mansfield, Victoria.

“Part of the reason the surgeon wants me on the bike now is because I told him I wanted to race the A4DE – that’s six months and two weeks after the operation. We decided to get on the bike now and ease into slowly building my knee and getting myself used to it.”

“So that’s the plan, get ready for A4DE. Hopefully I can get a good result and build from there for next year. Realistically, I would like to try and win my class and podium outright. When it gets to the A4DE, I wouldn’t have raced for six months by then, so I just want a good result.”

Green claimed the E1 title in the 2015 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship and displayed promising performances earlier this year in the E2 category.