News 13 Sep 2016

International supercross-only deal in the works for Reardon

Reigning champion welcoming of US riders in Australian supercross.

Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

Image: Jeremy Hammer (Foremost Media).

Reigning Australian supercross champion and current CDR Yamaha rider Daniel Reardon has revealed to that he is seeking an international supercross-only deal for 2017.

Reardon has confirmed that he is currently working on piecing together a deal that will see him contest Monster Energy Supercross in the US and the Australian Supercross Championship next year.

“It’s no secret and I’ve spoken to a few people about it,” Reardon explained. “My goal is that I’ll probably only do supercross here in Australia next year and my ultimate goal is to do the supercross championship in America. I’m just trying to put the pieces together at the moment and see what we can come up with. Everyday I’m trying to make that happen, but obviously I’ve still got a job at hand.”

At 30 years of age and in the second term of his comeback to the sport, Reardon is adamant that he still has several years left in professional racing, however a supercross-only contract would be the ideal way to conclude an illustrious career.

“I’m good at supercross, I’m a strong rider and I’m going to play to my strengths for the time that I have,” he continued. “I’m 30 now, so I have maybe 3-5 years left in me. I’ll see how to body holds up, but for that time, I want to do what I want do, so I’m trying really hard to make that happen at the moment.”

With a plethora of American riders confirmed to contest this year’s Australian supercross series, Reardon stated that he is welcoming of their attendance, as it is beneficial in gaining attention overseas and will somewhat shine the spotlight on riders who perform well.

“When those guys come over here it definitely helps my cause if I have good results and ride well,” the high-profile Queenslander added. “Not only will they help individual riders, but they will also help the series as a whole.”

Reardon’s desire to race the sole discipline in 2017 could potentially open up a vacant position at CDR Yamaha for the Motul MX Nationals, with the Victorian-based team currently in negotiations with recently crowned Australian MX1 champion Dean Ferris.