Interviews 23 Aug 2016

Race Recap: 2016 MX Nationals Rd9 Toowoomba

MX1 and MX2 round victors share their thoughts on Echo Valley.

With the penultimate round of the 2016 Motul MX Nationals being one of the most pivotal all season, tracked down respective overall winners Dean Ferris and Nathan Crawford following the final moto in Queensland.


Image: MXN.

Image: MXN.

Dean Ferris with the overall here at Toowoomba, an important overall and a really good result.

Yeah, definitely. We ah… two strong motos, finished in front of Gibbsy both motos, so it’s what we needed to do, umm yeah, made up enough points so that we’re in striking distance at the next round, so, you know, that’s been the goal here today and we did it, so pretty happy.

How was the track out there, coming back to Echo Valley?

Yeah, I always like Echo Valley, it’s been good to me over the years, I like the ruts and ah, the hill’s undulation. Ah, enjoyed it.

In terms of having Kyle Peters here, what was that like? Someone different out there, but at an important time in the championship…

Yeah, definitely. It’s a shame he couldn’t hang on for the last two laps to make the points bigger and well done to him – not many Yankees can come here and actually ride that fast, so umm yeah, he rode good and it’s good that there’s some more people in there.

And the mindset heading into Coolum, is it just basically a must-win for you?

Ah, yeah, I mean, anything, crazy things can happen, but ideally yeah, it’s 1-1 and that’s six points you know, and just gotta make sure we have a good Super Pole. So umm, you know, the goal’s always to win no matter where I am and what I do, so nothing’s changed, really.

Alright no worries, well yeah, thanks a lot and well done.

Righto, thanks.


Image: MXN.

Image: MXN.

Nato Crawford with the MX2 victory here in Toowoomba, a really important one heading into Coolum next weekend, so you must be really satisfied at the moment…

Yeah, it’s been a really good weekend. Qualifying first, winning the first moto and then second in the second moto, you can’t really ask for much better. It would have been nice to win that second moto, but you can’t win all of them, so just being there is what makes me happy. Like I said, I’m really happy to be up here in sunny Queensland, the weather’s turned it on for us this weekend, so I just can’t wait to take this confidence into the last round at Coolum and hopefully we can get it done.

We always say how important Coolum is, but the second-last round is almost just as important considering how tight the points have been, isn’t it?

This one, you could probably say, is the hardest one. Obviously, you can go to Coolum and you can only do what you gotta do, so you’ve got to hope that god’s on your side and then ride how you know how to. If all this works out and goes to plan, I’ll be a very happy boy.

What was the track like today? Pretty warm here and drying out in moto two…

The crew actually did a really good job, they put in a lot of preparation for this weekend. We got here yesterday and it looked amazing, so it was really good pretty much all day. It got a little bit baked, but thanks to Pirelli tyres, they were hooking up amazing and yeah, stoked!

No worries, well done.