Products 19 Aug 2016

Review: 2017 Shift MX WHIT3 Label gear set

Riding with Shift MX's new WHIT3 Label entry level offering.

For 2017 Shift MX completely revamped their motocross range and released the 3LACK and WHIT3 Labels. Shift aimed to offer improved performance, affordable quality and unique, unrepressed, indivualistic style – it’s the next chapter of Shift. Combining simple construction with quality fabrics and unique graphic techniques, Shift MX’s WHIT3 Label racewear is aimed at consumers looking for a lower price point product that maintains key performance features throughout.

Here at we were supplied with the Shift WHIT3 Label Tarmac design in the white colourway. This colour and design features a simple, bright and eye-catching lines and colours; the gear looks super crisp and really does stand out on track. I’m personally a fan of simplistic design when it comes to gear, so the the bold lines of colour on a predominately white base definitely work for me in the aesthetics department.

The WHIT3 Label Tarmac jersey features a technical polyester fabric for increased moisture wicking function as well as increased durability. The jersey also features a v-neck collar for improved comfort and performance. The WHIT3 Label Tarmac graphics are a fade resistant sublimated package and the jersey features a relaxed fit for comfort and a drop tail to keep it tucked in. It’s hard to remember that this jersey is a price point product, it truly feels like a high-end piece of racewear!

Image: Jeff Crow.

Image: Jeff Crow.

The features packed into the WHIT3 Label Tarmac jersey really are awesome, and to be honest it’s all you need. If you closed your eyes and chucked on the WHIT3 Label jersey along with another high-end jersey, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, it’s a thoroughly impressive product. The fit of the jersey is great and right on the money when it comes to sizing, there’s nothing worse than ordering a size large and realising it’s either tiny or way too big.

In the pant department the WHIT3 Label Tarmac is right there on par with the jersey, if I wasn’t aware of the fact that this is the lower price point offering, I wouldn’t have noticed. The pant features a 600D main body material to provide excellent durability and the articulation design in the hip and knees conform to your body while in the riding position. The WHIT3 Label pant features multiple stretch zones and the low profile cuffs provides extra comfort when tucked into the boot.

The Shift MX WHIT3 Label pant is real an impressive product for the price, it’d event be an impressive product at a higher price. The pant is packed with all of the features you need and feels awesome on track. The multiple stretch zones are placed right where you need them, the fit of the pant is great and not once have I found anything to whinge about. The amount of room left for knee braces is great, the buckle system is solid, overall it’s just a really well built pant.

Source: Supplied.

Source: Supplied.

To finish up the WHIT3 Label Tarmac racewear we have the WHIT3 Label Air glove. The glove features a single layer, lightly padded Clarino palm and thumb reinforcement. On top of the hands a lightweight, breathable and flexible material is features and pre-curved sidewalls and silicone fingertips aid in grip and control. Personally I’m not a huge fan of padded palms, but as mentioned, the padding is light and wasn’t too much of a worry and the overall fit, construction and look of the glove is great!

For 2017 Shift MX have hit it out of the park with their WHIT3 Label Tarmac racewear, it truly is an awesome product. If you’re in the market for high quality gear at an affordable price, the WHIT3 Label Tarmac is what you’re looking for. At a recommended retail price of $39.95 for the jersey, $119.95 for the pant and $34.95 for the glove, that’s a whole lot of bang for your buck. For further information on the 2017 Shift MX range the national distributor Monza Imports’ website at or check out for a more detailed look at each product.