Products 17 Aug 2016

Impression: 2017 SCOTT Prospect goggle

Our first take of the all-new Prospect goggle from SCOTT.

Since the release of the all-new SCOTT Prospect goggle we’ve been itching to get our hands on a pair and hit the track. Our friends at Ficeda Accessories shipped a pair our way and this week we spun our first laps in the latest and greatest SCOTT goggle offering at Appin in New South Wales during our 2017 Yamaha YZ250F test. Read on to hear our thoughts following our first day wearing the exciting new release.

The Prospect goggle starts a new chapter for SCOTT as the brand aimed to push the limits of field of vision, comfort and lens retention. SCOTT goggles have always been a quality product and for 2017 the Prospect definitely takes an extra step in the right direction. Right out of the box the Prospect goggle looks impressive, and although we don’t like to admit it, looks are important in this sport.

Image: Alex Gobert/Foremost Media.

Image: Alex Gobert/Foremost Media.

The larger lens design combined with the thin frame construction and two pivoting outriggers really do look the part. Here at we were supplied with the red/black colourway with a silver chrome works lens. This colourway is nice and clean, simple and the lens has a rad ‘stealth’ look to it with the almost black appearance in certain light.

For me personally, I’m a huge fan of a tinted lens, so this lens setup is great for me. But if you’re not a tinted lens person, or lighting is very low on the day, SCOTT provide you with a clear lens inside the box if needed. We’re yet to test the lens changing feature on the Prospect goggle, but that will come in the full in-depth review following further time using the product. Tear-offs and a soft bag were also provided with the Prospect goggle.

Fitment and comfort wise, the SCOTT Prospect goggle feels great. It’s definitely a tight fit within the Bell Moto-9 Flex helmet, but they do fit and provide a perfect seal around the face. I actually removed the nose guard later in the day just to make putting the goggles on and taking them off easier, but you certainly can leave the nose guard on – no issues at all.

Source: Supplied.

Source: Supplied.

The SCOTT Prospect 3.2 thermoformed face foam did its job very well in the warm and sunny conditions. I could feel myself sweating and was waiting for that drip down into the goggle, but it never happened! SCOTT definitely did their homework and created a face foam system that diverts the sweat away and ensures the dreaded sweat in the eye situation never occurs.

At this point in time we’re yet to test the new WFS50 roll-off system that has been designed to suit the Prospect goggle. We’re looking forward to using the system that SCOTT claims will offer an increased range of vision of 56 percent over its closest competitors. With the increasing issue of tear-offs in Australia, this WFS50 roll-off system will be an important addition to the SCOTT line up for 2017.

Overall our first impression of the SCOTT Prospect goggle is definitely positive. We look forward to wearing the all-new product over the coming weeks to further test the range of features. The SCOTT Prospect goggle will be available Australia-wide this September through Ficeda Accessories dealers at a recommended retail price of $129.95 for the goggle and $149.95 with the WFS50 roll-off system fitted. Check for further information on the brand locally.