Interviews 16 Aug 2016

Unplugged: Jordan Hill

Learn more about the Yamalube Yamaha Racing MXD contender.

Image: MXN.

Image: MXN.

My Way

Greatest moment of your career?
It would have to be when I won the SXD championship in 2014. Being in the middle of the stadium getting that surfboard handed to me was probably one of the best moments I’ve had.

Toughest race ever?
Probably back in juniors, all of the mud races when you end up with your goggles off and you crash, it’s just the stuff that’s not very fun.

Long-term goal?
I’d like to try to get a ride in the MX2 class next year and see where that takes me. I’ll be racing the SX2 class in supercross this year, so I’ll see how that goes, it should be interesting.

Favourite track?
I think Moree would be my favourite track. We used to have state titles there when I was little and they had a big open event out there too.

If you weren’t a racer, you would be?
I don’t know, I’d probably still be playing tennis, I used to do tennis lessons when I was younger.

I’ve never really had an arch-rival, but we always used to come up to Queensland in juniors and chase fast riders like Mitch Evans and Wilson todd. I’ve never really had an beef with anyone to be honest, I’m too nice (laughs).

Greatest inspiration?
I’ve always liked Ricky Carmichael since I was a kid, I’ve got all of his little toys and stuff at home (laughs).

Nope, I’ve never had any superstitions.

Goal for 2016?
Well my goal was to win the MX Nationals MXD championship, but obviously I got injured and had a few bad races, so that’s out of the picture now. I’ll just be looking to finish off these last two rounds solid and then train hard and see what I can do in supercross.

Off the Wall

Best all-time moto DVD/video?
I don’t really watch any of that stuff too often, but the ‘Moto’ series is pretty cool for sure.

Non-bike related hobbies?
I like to go mountain biking, riding jet skis and going to the beach.

Do you read your pit board?
If it’s in an easy place to read on the track I will look at it, but if I’m in the middle of a battle I won’t think about it and just keep my head down.

What do you drive?
I drive a big Fiat van, it’s all setup with the beds and everything, so that makes it easy.

What’s on the iPod?
I actually don’t have any music, but I downloaded Spotify the other day and when I go to the gym I just listen to Peter Hull from P2P Fit Stop’s playlists (laughs). But to be honest, other than that I just listen to the radio.

Best thing about the MX Nationals?
I just think being able to travel around Australia and race at all of the different tracks in different states is pretty cool. It’s good to be able to see all of the different places around the country.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?
Everyone knows everything about me, I’m basically an open book (laughs).

First and last

First bike?
Yamaha PeeWee 50.

First kiss?
I had a few girlfriends in primary school, so it was around that time.

First proper injury?
When I broke both my wrists at the same time while I was racing the nationals in New Zealand.

First time you got in a fight?
I’ve never been in a fight.

Last holiday?
I live up in Noosa now which is a holiday destination, so any weekend off for me is like a holiday these days.

Last big crash you had?
I crashed at the Toowoomba sunny state round three weeks ago and dislocated my shoulder, that wasn’t a very nice experience.

One or the Other

PC or Mac?
PC, I’ve never owned a Mac before.

McDonalds or KFC?

Europe or USA?

Two-stroke or four-stroke?

Motocross or supercross?

Blonde or brunette?
Brunette every day. Brunette, tanned, preferably blue eyes, but even with dark hazel eyes – damn.