Products 13 Jul 2016

Review: 2016 Oakley PRIZM MX lens

On track with Oakley's latest and greatest lens innovation.

Oakley’s revolutionary Prizm MX lens technology is custom made for motocross conditions to provide riders with enhanced views on and off the track. From spotting the fast lines and noticing subtle transitions to identifying differences in dirt texture for traction control, Prizm MX has been designed to sharpen vision across a wide range of light conditions, with the aim of providing enhanced performance and a competitive advantage.

The precise color filtering of Prizm MX separates shades of brown and allows riders to see dark terrains of ruts and bumps that are not typically seen with a standard lens. The Prizm MX lens also increases visual acuity and provides vivid color perception for making split-second decisions with greater confidence. The lens also maintains its high impact plutonite construction with F3 anti-fog coating across the Prizm range.

Image: Jeff Crow.

Image: Jeff Crow.

The Prizm lens is actually not making anything brighter. What the lens actually doing is maximises your natural color vision and also reduces the colors that you don’t need. The end result? An improved contrast ratio that makes everything feel like it’s popping out at you. The reality is that the lens is shading the natural light so that it’s not brighter; you’re actually getting the colour contrast that allows you to see things more effectively.

As soon as we placed our Oakley Airbrake MX goggles with the Prizm MX lens on our face, it was obvious this new technology is something special. The technology does exactly what Oakley claims, it really makes everything on the track ‘pop’ and the improved vision is something you need to experience to believe. Some, including myself were skeptical at first, but once you try this lens technology, you won’t want to go back!

In the Prizm MX range, Oakley offer three different versions to cover all riding conditions; Bronze, Jade and Black. Personally, after riding with all three options, the Prizm Jade lens is my preferred option as an overall lens for most conditions. The Jade lens is perfect for riders who like to do a little bit of everything, out at the motocross track or in the trees, it’s a great option.

Source: Supplied.

Source: Supplied.

In saying that, both the Bronze and Black options are also very impressive. The Bronze lens is Oakley’s base lens that most riders would go to as their ‘all-rounder’, I personally just lean towards a slightly darker lens at all times (not to mention the cool factor that the Jade lens has with that green iridium shine!). If you’re in very bright conditions, such as riding in light sand on a sunny day for example, you might want to go with the Prizm Black option.

It’s truly amazing what Oakley have been able to produce with the Prizm MX technology. Who would have thought a goggle lens could be such a high-performance piece of equipment? The improved vision, the way you see details and the protection from glare and sun is absolutely awesome – as I said, you truly have to try these out to understand the advantage they offer.

Whether you’re a motocross racer, trail rider or a bit of everything, you really need to check out the Prizm MX technology from Oakley before you make your next goggle purchase. Or if you’re already an Oakley user, be sure to update your lens with a Prizm MX offering in the near future – you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to head to for more Prizm MX information and pricing.