Products 1 Jul 2016

Review: GYTR Aluminium muffler

Enhancing our long-term 2016 Yamaha YZ450F test bike.

An aftermarket exhaust is something each and every rider puts on their wish list when it comes to possible future upgrades when purchasing a new bike. But the thing is, in this day and age the manufacturer produces such an impressive package that the need for one isn’t as great. In saying that, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one, it just means you should do your research before you go ahead and spend your money.

The GYTR Aluminium Muffler is a slip-on system designed and produced by FMF in the United States using a range of features developed over their years of championship-winning operation. The muffler has been designed to increase the horsepower and torque throughout the entire power curve and give you a noticeable power increase that is very usable and beneficial, no matter what your riding style or ability is.

When it comes to our long-term 2016 Yamaha YZ450F, personally I was definitely not searching for an increase in raw horsepower; the bike already has plenty of that. But it was definitely interesting to bolt the system on and see exactly how the power curve would be changed, hear the improved note and obviously sit back and enjoy the awesome looking creation.

Image: Adam Spence.

Image: Adam Spence.

The muffler features a space age internal packing designed to five you maximum packing life. This is an important feature for a muffler system as your packing plays a large role in both performance and obviously sound control. With both performance and sound levels being very important factors in modern motocross, this is definitely a great feature.

The GYTR unit also features an internal core shape that uses high-flow technology to further improve performance. Enhanced sonic evacuation provides for higher flow and increased power and the high-flow modular end cap includes removable spark arrestor giving you the option to run with or without with the removal of one simple screw. As our 2016 Yamaha YZ450F is used only on motocross circuits, we went without the spark arrestor.

Fitting the system to our bike was a breeze; the muffler lived up to its name and slipped on to our stock header pipe with ease. GYTR provide fitment instructions and an additional longer bolt to secure your new muffler to the sub frame. The build quality and fitment of this system is second to none and out on track we did not once encounter any additional rubbing or melting of plastics which can occur with certain aftermarket systems.

Image: Adam Spence.

Image: Adam Spence.

Firing the bike up, the improved note was instantly noticed. The YZ450F already sounded beefy, but with the new GYTR muffler by FMF, it had stepped up another level – such awesome note. Out on track under power the muffler sounds even better, it really gives the bike that crisp factory sound we’re all searching for. To be sure of this, I personally stepped off the bike and allowed a fellow test rider to spin some laps to take an off-bike observation for myself.

Now to the most important aspect of a review; the performance! The GYTR slip-on muffler increased performance throughout the rev range, from bottom to top you could feel a change. It wasn’t a huge change, but the bike felt just that little bit more crisp at all times. Obviously as I said, it wasn’t a matter of searching for raw power, you truly don’t need that with the YZ450F, but having a more crisp and snappy feel with improved sound and great looks? You can’t really ask for any more than that.

Overall the GYTR Aluminium Muffler by FMF is a definite winner in our book. Coming in at a recommended retail price of $579.70, you’re not going to break the bank, but at the same time you improve the performance, sound and looks of your YZ450F considerably. For more information on this product be sure to head to