Interviews 31 May 2016

Race Recap: Kirk Gibbs

Defending MX Nationals champion on Wanneroo victory.

KTM Motocross Racing Team’s defending Motul MX Nationals champion Kirk Gibbs capitalised on a costly crash for title rival Dean Ferris at Wanneroo’s fifth round of the series on Sunday, winning the final moto, clinching the overall and building a 17-point championship advantage in the process. spoke to him post-race in Western Australia.

Image: MXN.

Image: MXN.

Another round win in the MX Nationals here at Wanneroo. Really important win this, heading into the mid-season break, so you must be pretty happy with that…

Yeah! It was really good. Obviously started off the day not to bad, second in the Super Pole and second in the first moto. I got close to Dean [Ferris] after he had that little get-off in the first moto, second moto I struggled, I just didn’t have the lines and stuff and Todd [Waters] got around me, but I found a few good ones in the last two laps and was confident going into the last race, because I felt like my last two laps were really good. I went for that holeshot and got it, then came together with Dean in the air, unfortunately he went down, but out of my control – I was in front. It’s bad to see him go down, but I’ll take the win, I felt the best I did all day in that last moto. Really happy to come away here with the overall.

As the track is getting rougher and rougher during the day, what goes through your mind when you’re out front like that controlling the race?

Just to be smooth and ride your own race, because it’s easy to worry about everyone else and not ride the best lines, so that’s what I did. In that last race I really just wanted to ride my own lines and get a flow on and I felt like I did that. There was a couple of little mistakes in there, but other than that it was really clean. So yeah, felt strong in that last moto.

There’s 17 points in the championship now, which is a pretty good buffer heading into the mid-season, but obviously still a long way to go.

Yeah for sure, I’ve only been, I think at the most, three of four points off of the lead. So to have 17 points is really good. Especially when we’re not really losing too many points here, obviously this round played a different thing because it’s so sandy. But I’m really happy to be consistent and take the points lead.

Image: Jordan Deckert (Foremost Media).

Image: Jordan Deckert (Foremost Media).

Waters is up to second now and he’s a good friend of yours. Enjoying that challenget?

The challenge is awesome. I think a few people wrote me off and didn’t think I could come back from my injury and take it to the guys. I was really happy to run their pace and take the battle to them. It’s awesome to battle with Todd, we have a great friendship and it’s awesome, you know anytime you’re around him it’s going to be clean. So it’s really awesome to battle with someone that’s such a good mate and that you can have a laugh about some things during the race or whatever. There’s a few rounds he’s been close to me and keeps yelling at me during the race [laughs] – it’s really funny, but I’m really happy with how everything is to battle with him.

Big result for KTM being in their backyard in WA. Jeff Leisk was really happy after that final moto…

Yeah, he pulled me off my bike – I thought he was going to bash me [laughs]! He was over the moon. It’s a big effort, like we said, these two guys came back form Europe and it’s known to be really sandy over there with such great sand riders. Dean was displaying that today in the first two motos, unfortunate for him, but really happy to come away with overall. I think a few people thought it could swing big this round.

Manjimup this weekend?

Yeah, Manjimup is an awesome venue and I love going there, it will be my fourth year going there now. Since I started with the team I’ve been coming, so It’s really cool and I enjoy the track. It will be good to go and have a low pressure race and have some fun.

No worries, well yeah thank you and well done!

Cool, thank you.