Features 30 May 2016

Breakdown: 2016 MX Nationals Rd5 Wanneroo

The vitals from the fifth round of Australian Motocross.

MotoOnline.com.au breaks down the specifics from race day Sunday at Wanneroo’s fifth round of the 2016 Motul MX Nationals season in Western Australia.


Image: MXN.

Image: MXN.

Super Pole: Dean Ferris 1m42.344s

Moto one results:
1. Dean Ferris
2. Kirk Gibbs
3. Matt Moss
4. Todd Waters
5. Dylan Long
6. Jesse Dobson
7. Jamie Law
8. Jay Wilson
9. Kade Mosig
10. Jacob Wright
11. Mitch Taylor
12. Michael Mahon
13. Luke Wilson
14. Charlie Creech
15. Craig Bolton
16. Daniel Banks
17. Izak Maule
18. Brett Norton
19. Michael Menchi
20. Paul Humbertson

Race time: 23m30.880s
Margin of victory: 0.555s
Laps completed: 13
Fastest lap: Dean Ferris 1m45.625s

Moto two results:
1. Dean Ferris
2. Todd Waters
3. Kirk Gibbs
4. Matt Moss
5. Kade Mosig
6. Jesse Dobson
7. Dylan Long
8. Jamie Law
9. Jay Wilson
10. Jacob Wright
11. Michael Mahon
12. Mitch Taylor
13. Michael Menchi
14. Charlie Creech
15. Craig Bolton
16. Daniel Banks
17. Izak Maule
18. Brett Norton
19. Jake Watling
20. Jack Foley

Race time: 20m23.898s
Margin of victory: 11.852s
Laps completed: 11
Fastest lap: Dean Ferris 1m48.483s

Moto three results:
1. Kirk Gibbs
2. Kade Mosig
3. Jesse Dobson
4. Matt Moss
4. Todd Waters
6. Jamie Law
7. Jay Wilson
8. Dylan Long
9. Mitch Taylor
10. Michael Mahon
11. Craig Bolton
12. Charlie Creech
13. Michael Menchi
14. Julian Cutajar
15. Izak Maule
16. Luke Wilson
17. Daniel Banks
18. Jake Watling
19. Brett Norton
20. Anthony Rubotham

Race time: 21m27.109s
Margin of victory: 13.051s
Laps completed: 11
Fastest lap: Kirk Gibbs 1m53.778s

In the big scheme of the 2016 MX1 championship Wanneroo could potentially become one of the most defining rounds after a day of high drama. CDR Yamaha’s (then) championship leader Dean Ferris established himself as the man to beat all day, even when he fell on the final lap of the first race and only just beat Kirk Gibbs across the finish line. However the pair came together in the air early in the final race and Ferris crashed heavily and DNF’d, handing Gibbs not only the round win, but also allowing him to maintain the championship red plates. He now leads by 17 points over Suzuki’s Todd Waters, which, in terms of this tightly-fought championship, is a handy buffer. Ferris’s crash also affected former champion Matt Moss, who was penalised 20 seconds for accelerating too soon under the yellow flag, dropping him from second to fourth in the race. Still, Mossy rounded out the podium – his first appearance on the rostrum since Horsham – ahead of Waters for a well-earned second overall.


Image: MXN.

Image: MXN.

Pole position: Jayden Rykers 1:44.008s

Moto one results:
1. Kyle Webster
2. Jayden Rykers
3. Caleb Ward
4. Nathan Crawford
5. Wilson Todd
6. Jed Beaton
7. Dean Porter
8. Jake Moss
9. Wade Hunter
10. Dylan Wills
11. Hamish Harwood
12. Jake Fewster
13. Lochie Latimer
14. Joel Wightman
15. Bailey Coxon
16. Joel Evans
17. Ricky Latimer
18. Josh Adams
19. Dylan Heard
20. Mathew McEntee

Race time: 20m19.761s
Margin of victory: 26.389s
Laps completed: 12
Fastest lap: Nathan Crawford 1m47.789s

Moto two results:
1. Caleb Ward
2. Nathan Crawford
3. Jayden Rykers
4. Kyle Webster
5. Dean Porter
6. Wade Hunter
7. Jed Beaton
8. Dylan Wills
9. Hamish Harwood
10. Wilson Todd
11. Jake Fewster
12. Ricky Latimer
13. Joel Wightman
14. Joel Evans
15. Jake Moss
16. Lochie Latimer
17. Mathew McEntee
18. Nick Sutherland
19. Dylan Heard
20. Bailey Coxon

Race time: 20m50.977s
Margin of victory: 5.992s
Laps completed: 11
Fastest lap: Caleb Ward 1m51.682s

Moto three results:
1. Nathan Crawford
2. Jed Beaton
3. Jayden Rykers
4. Caleb Ward
5. Dean Porter
6. Wilson Todd
7. Kyle Webster
8. Hamish Harwood
9. Dylan Wills
10. Joel Wightman
11. Ricky Latimer
12. Nick Sutherland
13. Lochie Latimer
14. Jake Fewster
15. Joel Evans
16. Russell Scobie
17. Darren Schenk
18. John Darroch
19. Mathew McEntee
20. Wade Hunter

Race time: 21:23.284s
Margin of victory: 2.097s
Laps completed: 11
Fastest lap: Jed Beaton 1m54.193s

As expected, the deep, sandy Wanneroo circuit saw the sand specialists come to the fore in the MX2 class, with Husqvarna-supported Nathan Crawford putting on a great display of riding. As the circuit got rougher he came into his own, taking the overall and the championship lead in the process. KTM Motocross Racing Team’s Caleb Ward continued his bounce-back after Broadford and his 3-1-4 results were good enough for second on the day, elevating him to third in the standings. Jayden Rykers was in fine form all day and claimed his first senior podium with a consistent 2-3-3 results. The other revelation was local Kyle Webster, who charged to the opening race win. Former championship leader Jed Beaton (fifth overall) didn’t have a horrible round by any stretch of the imagination and very near won the final outing, but the extra points on offer due to the three-moto format suddenly sees him trailing Crawford by 13 points.