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Quotebook: 2016 MX Nationals Rd2 Appin

Racer comments from Appin's second motocross round.

A selection of riders detail their day at Appin’s second round of the 2016 Motul MX Nationals. Team and privateer competitors can submit comments to [email protected] prior to the Wednesday after events for inclusion in the post-event Quotebook feature.


Image: MXN.

Image: MXN.

Matt Moss (National Pump Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team) – 5th overall:
I woke up this morning feeling very crook and lacking energy. If I’d ridden how I felt I would’ve been back in 20th, so I’m pumped to have gained some points and still be within striking distance. In the first moto I hit the wall at the 20-minute mark and I was getting tunnel vision out there. Between races we talked as a team and agreed I’d go out and just see how I felt. I got a good start on the KX450F and for the first three or four laps I pulled away, but I hit the wall again and from that point it was all about damage control. We’re only 10 points off the lead, so that’s nothing in terms of the championship.

Kade Mosig (National Pump Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team) – 7th overall:
It was one of those days, really. I had a really good couple of weeks between rounds, and after winning here last year my confidence was high coming into Appin, but I made a lot of mistakes. I’m struggling at the moment, so we’ll go home, regroup, recharge and change our focus for the next round at Broadford. I need to redeem myself and get this amazing KX450F up on top where we belong.

Dan Reardon (CDR Yamaha) – 6th overall:
It was a tough day but one every rider goes through during their career. I haven’t been feeling well lately and in a fast paced 30 minute moto, there is nowhere to hide or no one to pass the ball to so you just have to fight it out as best you can. Hopefully, I will be back to 100 percent at Broadford and can start to put some good races together.

Dean Ferris (CDR Yamaha) – 1st overall:
It’s a good feeling to get the win and reward the CDR Yamaha team for their efforts so far this year. I felt I owed them that after Horsham. I have really enjoyed the opening two rounds and being back in Australia and the level of competition in the MX1 class at the moment is really high with a lot of guys are riding well. The plan was to get off to a good start at the opening to rounds and we have managed to do that but there is a lot of work to do and the only red plate that matters is the one after the final round at Coolum.

Kirk Gibbs (KTM Motocross Racing Team) – 4th overall:
For a day that was full of mistakes it wasn’t too bad, but I expect a lot better. I had a little crash on my Go Pro Super Pole lap so I missed an opportunity for points there. First Moto I felt like I should have won the race, but Ferris decided to jump on me on the last lap and I have the tyre mark on my back and side to prove it. Luckily I didn’t go down and was still able to get second. Second Moto I got myself into a good position early in third, but made two really big mistakes and let Todd past and Ferris got around me with two laps to go. Frustrating from my end, but I’m still leaving healthy and right within range of the championship lead.

Jesse Dobson (KTM Motocross Racing Team) – 25th overall:
I’ve got a pain in the arse. I had a big crash this week and laid in bed a few days and rested, but something’s out somewhere. I was in pain just walking before I even got to the race. As soon as I did my first practice lap I knew it was a case of just trying to get through the weekend – I had no leg strength and can’t hold my leg up in the ruts. I tried my best today and that’s all I could do – it’s disappointing but we live to fight another day and it’s all part of the process. We’ll overcome it and come out stronger.

Todd Waters (Wilson’s Coolair Motul Factory Suzuki) – 3rd overall:
I was a bit bummed with my first race to tell you the truth. I started the day off well taking the win in Superpole so I knew my speed was there, I just needed to get off the line well, but I sort of blew the start in the first moto. I pushed my way through and got in to the lead and I started to settle in there, then Gibbsy got on to the back of me and I sort of just lost my head a bit. My fitness is super good, and the bike is running perfectly, so in that first race it was all up to me and my headspace. In the second race I regrouped and managed to get on to the back of Brett Metcalfe but I just ran out of time. Overall I’m very happy. We are constantly moving forward with the bike and with the team and myself also, so this is what we want – consistent rides, and then hit the halfway mark in the series and put the hammer down. My Suzuki is working very well, we made a few changes with Jay Foreman coming in to round two, and I’m really happy with the bike at the moment. I’m just going to go home, do my homework and see what I can do at round three.

Brett Metcalfe (SD3 Husqvarna) – 2nd overall:
That was nice to come away with a moto win and almost the overall. It was a good racing and a good day for us all on the SD3 Husqvarna team too. I didn’t qualify that well but that’s going to be a challenge for me anyway because each track is a new track and it’s always very muddy in practice. I didn’t feel ultra comfortable but I think that’s just the way the Appin track is, with hard-packed underneath and a lot of technical and square-edged bumps. I think that was to our advantage today with the Husqvarna’s steel frame that works well in those conditions. In moto one I got a horrible start with a wheelspin off the gate. I chipped away from 10th and ended up climbing back to fourth, but I knew my pace was good. Then in moto two things just kind of came together and I was able to get a really good start, and I just sat second behind Matt Moss and was able to get the lead about halfway in. I got a little gap and then as they closed in at the end I just watched my pit board and managed the gap. It was great to bring the SD3 Husky home for the moto win and second for the day.

Jay Wilson (Crankt Protein Honda Racing Team) – 10th overall:
I’m a bit disappointed with today to be honest, I got two relatively good starts, but I just wasn’t able to convert them in to results. We made some big changes to the suspension from qualifying to racing, which got the bike handling a bit better but we still have work to do if we want to run with these top guys. I had the speed to run with the top five for around 10 minutes, but after that I dropped back, so we’ll go back to the drawing board and do some further testing ahead of round three. I know where I want to be and I’m going to be working hard in the next two weeks to get closer to that goal.

Dylan Long (Crankt Protein Honda Racing Team) – 9th overall:
It wasn’t too bad of a round at Appin. In the first race I really struggled and pumped up a bit, so I didn’t finish where I would have liked to in moto one. During the lunch break, myself and the team made some changes, they worked out really well in moto two and I came away with a seventh. It’s sort of not where I want to be, but I’m happy with the direction we’re taking with the bike. The team worked very well together this weekend and we’re making a lot of improvements every round.

Lawson Bopping (DPH Motorsport Yamaha) – 18th overall:
I felt terrible on the weekend and wasn’t riding like myself. My energy levels were really low, but the positives were my qualifying times and my starts.


Image: MXN.

Image: MXN.

Dylan Wills (Raceline Pirelli KTM) – 12th overall:
It was another tough weekend for me, but a step forward from round one. The mistakes on my behalf are what killed a good overall, but we’ll keep working and take the positives from moto two and run with them. I’ve got great people behind me, the team are so supportive and understanding, and my family and girlfriend always have my back, so we’ll keep fighting to get back to where we were before round one.

Jake Moss (National Pump Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team) – 7th overall:
After getting the holeshot in that second race I felt good and settled into a good groove, then the next second I was on the ground. It happened so quickly and the crash moved all my teeth and split my gum, so I’m not feeling that great right now. I’ll have a couple of days off, then get back into it and recoup for the next round.

Caleb Ward (KTM Motocross Racing Team) – 1st overall:
I had a pretty good day. First one I started in fifth or sixth and made my way back through the pack slowly and took my time. I ended up passing into the lead with about eight minutes to go and just sort of managed the race. Then in moto two I came out in second or third, got up behind Mossy and we were going pretty fast at the front for a few laps, then I managed to pass him on lap three or four or something and was in cruise mode doing my own thing when I came around the corner and a rut had collapsed in on itself. I was fully leaned and committed, and hit this massive chunk of dry dirt and my front deflected off and I ended up on the ground. I got back up and salvaged some points and still got enough for the overall so I was pretty happy with that.

Jayden Rykers (Davey Motorsports KTM) – 5th overall:
I went 3-5 which would have given me my first podium, but we got a penalty for jumping off the track to avoid a hay bale, so unfortunately I got put back to ninth with a 10-second penalty. Unfortunate, but I felt pretty good. The first one was good, myself, Ward and Moss were in the top three and I felt quite comfortable with my speed. I’m sitting eighth in the championship now but third place is only six points ahead of me, so third is where I would have been if I never got docked for points. I’ll cop it on the chin and show them what we’re made of next round. No point in getting angry about it.

Luke Arbon (SD3 Husqvarna) – 3rd overall:
I’m happy to be back on the podium, that’s where I’m paid to be. I definitely improved with the way I made passes and didn’t really get passed too much. Felt solid and pretty strong on the bike. I actually got second in the last moto, but they docked me a 10-second penalty for jumping off the side of a jump when there was a hay-bale there. I slowed right down and got back on the track at the next safest place, but they didn’t want a bar of it. I’m looking forward to round three and hopefully getting a win.

Nathan Crawford (Husqvarna) – 4th overall:
Feeling pretty second-hand tonight. In qualifying I had a pretty big crash that started a few dramas and I qualified ordinary. First moto I got a pretty ordinary start, spun off the line, I was coming through and got up to fifth within the first five minutes and then ended up crashing and had to pass all those riders all over again. Second moto I was running fifth or something, but made a few passes and Arbon got a penalty and ended up getting second. Finished the day off not too bad but it was kind of damage control.