News 18 Apr 2016

Rising Star Rookies sweep a strong result for Grothues

Racing alongside the nationals a success for Western Australian.

Source: Supplied.

Source: Supplied.

KTM-mounted Caleb Grothues dominated the Yamaha Rising Star Rookies alongside the Motul MX Nationals at Appin yesterday, sweeping both motos for a perfect scorecard in the opening event of the Junior series.

Western Australian Grothues was second in qualifying, but once the gates dropped on the opening moto he was untouched, winning the first and second race alongside the top motocross riders of Australia.

“The track at Appin was very deep and rough, it was like a Junior Aussie title after a week of racing on it – it was crazy,” Grothues said. “But overall we are very happy to go undefeated! I have only ever been to one other MX National so it was an awesome experience to race alongside the best in our country at Appin.

“For us juniors, this is where we’re hoping to be in the future so it’s cool to get a taste of it in the Rookies class. I have only raced at four events since crashing in Italy last year, so it’s been a long road to recovery which wasn’t pleasant, but it’s great to finally be back doing what I love and winning races.”

Grothues was the clear winner overall for the round, heading Yamaha’s Cody Dyce and pole-setter Callum Norton on board a Husqvarna – that pair tied for the runner-up position overall before Dyce got the nod on countback.