News 14 Apr 2016

NRG TV addresses MX Nationals Livestream issues

Kevin Williams details difficulties encountered at round one.

Image: Rhys van Slooten.

Image: Rhys van Slooten.

Motul MX Nationals series promoter Kevin Williams has addressed the NRGTV Livestream issues encountered during round one of the 2016 championship at Horsham, Victoria.

According to Williams, the NRGTV team experienced ongoing satellite issues in Horsham which eventually resulted in the Livestream failing, which is something he and his crew are working tirelessly to resolve.

“The satellite was unable to hold a constant bit rate speed to get the signal out,” explained Williams. “We need basically 1mb of upload speed to keep a constant feed going and the satellite was dropping below halfway, so it was starting to freeze. It then got to the point where it wouldn’t hold the feed.

“These things have only happened since the end of last year. Just after supercross the satellite company did a number of upgrades to our satellite system and the upgrades have caused issues. We are working with the satellite company to try and rectify it as we speak.

“We invested $70,000 on a satellite system and since it has had its automatic upgrades it hasn’t been able to hold a signal, we are working with Orion Satellites to rectify the problem.”

Determined to provide viewers with quality live coverage, Williams and the NRGTV team plan to work through to Sunday’s round two at Appin in New South Wales to solve the problem. Worst case scenario will be a full HD upload of the complete coverage to YouTube following the event.

“We are going to work very hard with the satellite company up until race day,” Williams added. “Right now we get all the vision in, we can capture everything, we have 10 staff dedicated to NRGTV.

“Subject to further testing with the satellite company, we hope to get racing out live. Should we have any issues with the satellite then all of the racing we be recorded in full HD and uploaded for delivery on Wednesday evening on YouTube.”