News 7 Mar 2016

Motul announced 2016 MX Nationals title sponsor

WEM and Link International confirm new naming-rights sponsorship deal.

The MX Nationals has secured a title sponsorship for the 2016 season, as Link International and Williams Event Management announced Motul in the position today.

Link International’s general manager Brenden Stoeckert said it was a great decision for the brand to align further with the MX Nationals following a 20-year involvement with WEM and the world-class series.

“I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with Link International for well over 20 years now,” said Stoeckert. “And in terms of Kevin [Williams] and his series, well we came on board in the very early stages and here we are now celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year with Motul as the new title sponsor.

“It’s amazing really, especially when you think about who has come and gone within the industry during the last 20 years. In the early days, Kevin managed to develop the motocross and really get it off the ground and we were involved from the outset.”

According to Stoeckert, the decision to increase Motul’s commitment to the series was motivated by Williams’ dedication to the sport, a quality the Motul brand promotes worldwide within its organisation.

“We have been weighing it up for about a year now, to make that extra commitment to the series, and I think that with the guys coming back from overseas to race the championship and with the depth of talent already here, that it’s going to make for a really exciting year of racing,” he explained.

“One thing I have always loved about Kevin and the MX Nationals is that regardless of the economy or the industry climate, the series is always run how it should be. The MX Nationals is a solid program and that’s something we really do notice.

“Motul Oils as a brand is synonymous worldwide in being involved with motorsport and racing, so what the title sponsorship means for us domestically, is that we can show that same level of commitment to the sport that Motul does internationally.

“Extending our support of the MX Nationals this year shows that Motul is committed to the health of our industry worldwide, but also here in Australia too.”

Williams looks forward to the partnership with Link International and Motul for 2016 and believes it will only brighten the future of the Australian motocross scene.

“The team at Link International have been a part of Williams Event Management’s vision from the very outset,” commented Williams. “I still have fond memories from the early days of spending Saturday nights camping at the track with Brenden and his team.

“When I first started putting together the series more than 20 years ago, Link International backed our program 100 percent and collectively we have created something that really measures up to world industry standards.

“Motul oils has been a key part of our MX Nationals program and to now be able to carry that name with Link’s extended support as title sponsor this year, makes us very proud of what we have all achieved throughout the last 20 years.

“We are only as good as the team we put around us, and with Motul, Link International and Williams Event Management all working together in 2016, the MX Nationals has a very bright future.”

The newly-branded 2016 Motul MX Nationals will kick off on 3 April at Horsham in Victoria.