News 16 Feb 2016

Styke remains in recovery mode as MX approaches

Factory KTM MX1 pilot awaiting medical clearance.

Image: Jeff Crow.

Image: Jeff Crow.

KTM Factory Motocross Racing’s Luke Styke is yet to return to the motorcycle following a severe ankle injury sustained during the AUS-X Open event late last year.

The 2013 MX Nationals MX2 champion suffered a grade three full rupture of the achilles tendon during the event, an injury that can take up to six months to completely heal.

Almost three months into his recovery, the MX1 contender is scheduled in for his monthly check up next week in hopes of receiving clearance to return to the track.

“I’ll fly to Sydney on the 22nd of this month for my three month check up, and I’m obviously praying to get cleared to ease back into riding,” Styke told “It’s a pretty rare thing in motocross to snap an achilles so you never know with this kind of thing.”

Recently relocating to Queensland, Styke has began a new training program following two months on the couch, preparing himself as much as possible with a selection of off the bike methods.

“I had two months off doing nothing, and I’m about four weeks into training at the moment and it’s been pretty good,” said Styke. “I’ve got a new strength coach up here and we’ve been working together for two weeks now and that’s been unreal.

“I’ve been swimming a lot, I haven’t really cycled too much, it feels pretty good but I’m not ready to cycle long distances yet because of the way the pressure is applied to the ankle.”

With the 2016 MX Nationals season set to kick off on 3 April, Styke is aware of the minimal amount of time he has to prepare for the series, admitting he will have to build throughout the scheduled 10 round championship.

“I’m looking forward to the season it’s going to be good I feel,” he added. “It’s going to be a bit slow to start off with for me, but hopefully I can peak at round three and start winning some races then.”

Be sure to stay tuned for more information on Styke’s scheduled return to riding as it becomes available.