News 14 Jan 2016

Granquist to campaign WR250F in AORC E1 ranks

Granquist to make E1 debut with Yamaha support.

Source: Supplied.

Source: Supplied.

Yamaha Motor Australia has enlisted Stefan Granquist to pilot the WR250F in the E1 category throughout the 2016 season, including both the Australian Off-Road Championships (AORC) and the Australian Four Day Enduro (A4DE).

Granquist, now his sixth year representing Yamaha in Australia, decided to take on a new challenge in racing the E1 category, something he hasn’t done previously.

“I’m entering the 2016 season fully fit and ready to go,” said Granquist. “My motivation is at an all-time high and I’m really enjoying riding at training at the moment. While I have raced a 250 before, I have never done a full season on one so it’s something new and exciting to me.

“[Daniel] Milner, [Tom] McCormack and [Josh] Green have all shown what results are achievable on a 250 in recent years, so with the support of Yamaha behind me and my other sponsors, this is the most prepared I have been in the lead up to a race season.

“Racing the Yamaha WR250F is what drove my decision as I did some testing on a few of the bikes in the Yamaha line up and feel the WR was the right bike for me. Thank you to Yamaha for making this opportunity available and I look forward to rewarding them with good results.”

Granquist will make his debut in the E1 category with Yamaha when the Australian Off-Road Championships begin on 11 March in Queensland.