Products 9 Dec 2015

Product: Motorex Air Filters

Providing increased performance under the toughest riding conditions.

Motorex Air Filters have been developed and designed for off-road use and provide increased performance under the toughest riding conditions.

The cells of the outer layer act as a pre-filter and keeps out coarse dirt, whilst the finer pored inner cell layer traps even the smallest of dirt particles.

Motorex Air Filters not only provide maximum protection but also provide the best pre-requisites for maximum engine performance.

Thanks to their shape, the performance filters improve the volume of air around the filter and boost the pressure at the intake tract, yet they are much slower to clog than conventional filters.

This will enhance the riding experience, whilst also giving the engine optimum protection and, last but not least, the reusable filter produces less waste, thus benefiting the environment and reducing costs.

Pre-Oiled Motorex Air Filters come oiled and race ready with Motorex Racing Line air filter oil.

The Standard Filter is available from $27.50, or Pre Oiled Filter can be purchased from $29.95. Visit for further information.