News 30 Nov 2015

Supercross privateer Cassidy seriously injured in Sydney

GoFundMe account set up to assist Western Australian's recovery.

Image: Jeff Crow.

Image: Jeff Crow.

Yamaha-mounted privateer Brody Cassidy remains hospitalised in an induced coma at Westmead Hospital after a heavy crash during Sunday’s AUS-X Open non-seeded SX2 qualifying session at Allphones Arena in Sydney.

A GoFundMe account for Western Australian rider Cassidy has been set up to assist with his recovery and family by his bedside in Sydney until he is able to return home.

Cassidy’s injuries are extensive, but he has been cleared of neck and spinal injuries, and is currently in a stable condition according to partner Grace Andretta. Doctors have placed him in an induced coma with slight bruising of the brain, which is healing itself.

At this point Cassidy has breathing assistance due to major swelling of his throat, as well as fractures in the cartilage surrounding his windpipe. Injuries also include multiple breaks of his jaw, which will require surgery, as well as minor facial fractures.

It’s understood Cassidy will remain sedated until days after surgery to take place this week and will face a long road to recovery, however his parents and partner are by his side at Westmead Hospital.

Cassidy was immediately treated by the expert RACESAFE Medical Team on site in Homebush’s Sydney Olympic Park precinct before he was transported to hospital and on-track action resumed for the second of two AUS-X Open shows.

Donations can be made now and are greatly appreciated by the family, via