Products 29 Jul 2015

Bike: 2016 Sherco SEF-R and SE-R Range

Refined four-stroke and two-stroke models uncovered.

Sherco has released details on its refined range of 2016 models, the French manufacturer focusing on improving the platform for the new year.

With a wide range of models now available, Sherco continues to make its mark globally, including here in Australia with the factory Motul Pirelli Sherco Enduro Team of Broc Grabham and Justin Carafa, as well as Jessica Gardiner’s Ballards Motorex Sherco team.

In the four-stroke range there’s the 250 SEF-R, 300 SEF-R and 450 SEF-R, while two-stroke enthusiasts will have available the 250 SE-R and 300 SE-R models.

The four-stroke bikes have received changes to the cylinder, the gearbox and the water pump. They now also have a keyless starting system – a push of the magic button and you’re off!

All of the four-strokes have received updates that have improved the performance in both maximum power and improved smoothness and flexibility, which enhances their rideability. The changes include reworking the engine maps and the crankshaft has been modified to reduce weight. Less inertia equals quicker response, but without being abrupt.

The two-strokes have received similar updates; they are more powerful but easier to manage. The engine valves and ignition curves have been optimised, the gear selection mechanism has been redesigned and the water pump has been enhanced.

The entire range has also received an enhanced rear sub-frame, a new very modern front fender design, along with new stronger and more flexible hand guards.

Due to arrive in Australia during October 2015, visit for further information on the brand locally.