Interviews 2 Jun 2015

Race Recap: Lawson Bopping

DPH Peter Stevens Yamaha rider recalls Coolum win.

It’s been a long time between drinks for DPH Peter Stevens Yamaha’s Lawson Bopping, but he was finally back in the winner’s circle at Coolum on Sunday in round five of the 2015 MX Nationals. Bopping took the overall – his first since Hervey Bay in 2012 – and his form to date this year has him sitting fourth in the MX1 standings at the season’s halfway point. spoke to Boppo after his podium celebrations to get his take on the round and year so far.

Image: Jeff Crow.

Image: Jeff Crow.

Lawson Bopping, here at ‘Coolum 1’ and you’ve taken Super Pole and the MX1 overall. You must be stoked!

Yep, real stoked. You know, I went out and felt good in practice, the track changed a lot over the course of the day, but anyway I got the Super Pole and that was good. I got a ripper of a start in that first moto, the holeshow and led probably 20 minutes of it. Townley was riding strong, I kind of tightened up, and he went around me so I got a second, which I was happy with and it was my best result of the year. I knew in the second moto that the track would be beat up – my hands are pretty sweaty and blistered – but I didn’t get the best jump, hugged the inside and came out of the first turn around third. I hung on for a little bit, they pulled away but then Townley made a mistake and I got around him, then he caught back up and made another mistake, so that was… I probably could have gone a little bit harder to run with him but I knew it was so easy to make mistakes when the track is so chopped up. Anyway, I cruised to second behind Gibbsy and consistency was the key for sure. I’m just pumped, the whole team puts a massive effort in so it’s good to thank them on the podium.

It looked like in the first moto you were controlling it pretty well, but you tightened up midway through?

Yeah, it’s been a bit frustrating. I do 30s at home no problem and I can hold that same speed, but I guess just under race pressure and everything, I haven’t ran up front in an outdoor for a long time – I did the same thing at Appin [laughs]. But today was definitely better. I was fairly in control for the first 20, but once we got to the lappers I made some mistakes and Townley was quick, but anyway, I’m just so happy and it’s a good confidence boost entering the break.

Image: Jeff Crow.

Image: Jeff Crow.

You were obviously out of action much of last year, so to be back this year with DPH it looks like you’re really fitting in at that team and back on the Yamaha, too. It just looks like a good fit for you.

It’s good. I’ve been sick for a long time and I’d be good, sick, good, sick, so it’s good to finally get some consistency going right now. I haven’t ran up front for a long time in motocross, so this year’s been great just with the Super Poles and stuff. The team’s great, Dale [Hocking] picked me up and they’re a ton of laughs, but work really hard during the week. I’m stoked with the team, they’re a great bunch of guys.

Your last win at Hervey Bay in 2012 must feel like a while ago…

I know, I know. I was still hanging onto that one! That’s a sand track too, so I guess the sandy conditions suit me a bit better and it’s a similar kind of feeling to today. I’m pumped for this break to go home, work on some things and try get the bike a bit better again – we’re always trying to improve.

Awesome to see and well done!

Yep, thanks a lot.