News 16 Mar 2015

Brown clinches 2015 Enduro-X Nationals championship

American ace crowned following Calder Park whitewash.

Source: HQVA.

Source: HQVA.

American Mike Brown gave the new-look Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team over the weekend when he wrapped up the 2015 Enduro-X Nationals at Calder Park Raceway in Melbourne.

Brown was again unstoppable on the night, winning all three motos to take round honours from Toby Price (KTM Off-Road Racing Team) and Josh Green (Active8 Yamaha), and taking the championship overall by 42 points over Green.

The fulltime endurocross specialist has dominated the championship from start to finish, winning every moto barring one, where he finished a close second.

“It was good to get the win here for sure, for Husky and everybody else who helps and does everything,” Brown said. “It’s even better to win all the races on the night – to win all the motos but one and get a close second on that one, it’s been awesome.

“It was super-good here in Melbourne because it was more technical than what we had before. We’ll see how this year goes and if they will have me back, I’ll be glad to be back [in 2016]. It feels like home to me over here, everybody is super-friendly to everybody and I’ve had a great time the last two years I’ve been here.”

Behind Brown, Price and Green on the podium, Tom McCormack (CDR Yamaha) finished fourth and Mitcham Harper (Motul Pirelli Sherco Enduro Team) was fifth for the round.

In the Women’s main event it was Kirstie McKinnon (KTM) who took her second main event win of the season ahead of Jessica Gardiner (Sherco) and Tayla Jones (Yamaha), but fell a point short of Jones in the championship chase. Gardiner meanwhile was a further four points behind in third.

2015 Enduro-X Nationals
Round three – Calder Park

Pro Class overall results:
1. Mike Brown 75
2. Toby Price 64
3. Josh Green 62
4. Tom Mccormack 46
5. Mitcham Harper 45
6. Tye Simmonds 43
7. Dylan Rees 40
8. Peter Boyle 37
9. Daniel Sanders 36
10. Lachlan Stanford 34

Pro Class championship standings:
1. Mike Brown 222
2. Josh Green 180
3. Toby Price 173
4. Tye Simmonds 141
5. Daniel Sanders 133
6. Mitcham Harper 132
7. Tom Mccormack 131
8. Stefan Granquist 119
9. Dylan Rees 112 110
10. Peter Boyle 110

Women’s results:
1. Kirstie McKinnon
2. Jessica Gardiner
3. Tayla Jones
4. Bronwyn Aplin
5. Amber Lock
6. Emelie Karlsson
7. Jemma Wilson
8. Irene Vasilas
9. Melissa Bruce
10. Rihanna Buchanan

Women’s championship standings:
1. Tayla Jones 67
2. Kirstie McKinnon 66
3. Jessica Gardiner 62
4. Jemma Wilson 52
5. Emelie Karlsson 51
6. Amber Lock 44
7. Rihanna Buchanan 41
8. Melissa Bruce 37
9. Irene Vasilas 25
10. Bronwyn Aplin 18

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