News 22 Dec 2014

Single-round Vets categories included in 2015 MX Nationals

Veterans on track again during Australian Motocross Championship.

Image: Jeff Crow.

Image: Jeff Crow.

Some of the greatest motocross athletes of our time have continued their racing careers in Veterans classes at the MX Nationals and 2015 will be no different, with two Vets championships included in the program.

Williams Event Management (WEM) has recognised the success of the Veterans classes in previous seasons and will next year offer two vets categories.

MX Nationals series promoter Kevin Williams shared his thoughts on the 2015 Veterans championships.

“We are really excited to hold two Veterans championships once again in 2015,” he said. “We know from previous years that a lot of the guys entering these veterans races are hard working racing parents, business owners, or have demanding 9-5 jobs, so to ensure the ease of participation, we will run the Vets championships over one round.

“The one-round championships are designed to make participating in these races much easier for our older athletes, and to ensure the continued competitiveness in each of the veterans classes.”

The V3 class will be open to all riders aged 30-39 years, with the championship race being at the fifth round of the MX Nationals in Coolum, Queensland, on 31 May.

The V4 class will be open to racers aged 40 years and over at Murray Bridge’s fourth round on 17 May, providing the perfect opportunity to showcase the talent of the older riders of our sport.