Products 26 Nov 2014

Product: 2015 Pro Circuit Ti-2 Silencer

Brand new two-stroke silencer to arrive in Australia next month.

Since the switch to four-stroke motorcycles several years back, many aftermarket exhaust companies have put aside their desire to improve two-stroke performance parts. Not Pro Circuit.

Four-strokes might have become the primary ride for most riders, but that doesn’t mean Pro Circuit is going to stop improving its line of pipes and silencers for the two-stroke fanatics. The Ti-2 Shorty Carbon Kevlar/Titanium Silencer is the latest piece of racing technology offered by Pro Circuit and is guaranteed to be a favourite for most two-stroke riders.

The Ti-2 is similar to the popular R-304 Silencer except it is constructed with a Carbon Kevlar shell, Titanium tubing and Titanium end-caps. The Titanium and Carbon Kevlar construction offers the ‘factory’ look and appearance while reducing weight. The Ti-2 is for closed-course racing only.

– Optimum performance gains.
– Carbon Kevlar silencer body construction.
– Titanium tubing and end-caps.
– CNC machined aluminium mounting bracket(s) (select models).
– Double-walled aluminium mounting bracket(s) (select models).
– Closed-course racing only.
– Made in the USA.

Purchase details

Price: $499.00
Availability: December 2014
Australian distributor: Axis Motorsports
Further information:

Note: Currently only available for current model KTMs and YZs.