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Product: Drift Stealth 2 Camera

Introducing the Drift Stealth 2 - The smallest and lightest camera to date.

Introducing it’s eighth generation of cameras, the Drift Stealth 2 is the smallest and lightest Drift camera yet. Coming in at 80mm x 42mm x 27mm and only 97g, this small camera can be carried with you anywhere and everywhere, so you are always ready to capture life from your perspective. The high quality seven-element lens provides an optical 137-degree field of view, no longer using a digital narrow angle, so objects appear closer and sharper.

The Stealth 2 films in 1080p at 30 fps with its Aptina CMOS sensor producing crystal clear high definition footage. The three hours recording time, rotatable lens and aerodynamic design make the Drift Stealth 2 a unique POV camera. With its colour coded screen and LED you always know which camera mode you are in, creating a user friendly experience. Add the Drift 2-Way Remote for max. usability and the Stealth 2 Waterproof Case to take your camera under water to the depths up to 40m!

Half the size – The smallest Drift ever:
Take your Stealth 2 with you and capture all the unforgettable adventures and memorable times of your life! With a size of only 80mm x 42mm x 27mm it’s just half of the Drift Ghost-S, which makes it fit in nearly every pocket. Capture life from your perspective and use it not only for adventurous action, but also for spontaneous trips and relaxed hangout sessions.

Record life – In crystal clear full HD:
Capture your adventures in magnificent Full HD (1080p at up to 30 fps) or create spectacular slow-motion shots at 720p and up to 60 fps. The Stealth 2’s high quality seven-element lens provides an optical 135-degree field of view, no longer using a digital narrow angle, so objects appear even closer and sharper.

40 percent lighter – Compact and aerodynamic:
With it’s super light weight of only 97g the Drift Stealth 2 does literally live up to its name as one of the lightest action cameras on the market. Easily mounted to the full range of Drift mounts using the Drift Universal Clip (or to any other mounting system using the Stealth 2’s universal 1/4-inch thread), you won’t even feel the camera on your body or helmet.

300-degree rotating lens – Mount it anywhere:
Never change a proven concept! The 300-degree continuously rotatable lens allows you to mount your Stealth 2 in all conceivable positions, and yet still provides a straight image. So just plug the camera into the mount, set the lens and get started – no angles, no screws!

Easy to use:
The Drift Stealth 2 does not only feature our already well-known status LED on the front, but also a colour coded screen showing you which camera mode you are currently using. In addition, this 1.3-inch Mono Graphic Backlit LCD allows you to easily manage your camera covering all important settings at the touch of a button. To make your Stealth 2 even easier to use, it is fully compatible with the Drift 2-Way Remote Control.

Long life battery – Three hours of recording:
Since day one, a long recording time has always been one of Drift’s most important focuses when producing an action camera. To provide both maximum battery life together with minimum camera size, the Stealth 2 features an integrated 1500 mAh battery giving you three hours of recording time at 1080p. Easily charge your camera using any conventional USB wall charger or directly plug it into your computer.

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Wi-Fi and Drift Connect App:
Perfect for shot setup, recording, photo capture and playback on your mobile device (iPhone and Android).

Flashback Video Tagging:
Allows the camera to continuously record video, but only saving on ‘tagging’ important footage.

Car DVR Mode:
The camera turns on when power is supplied via an USB port and records footage in a continuous loop style.

2-Way Remote Compatibility:
Fully compatible with the Drift 2-Way Remote, featuring the same colour code as displayed on the camera.

Capture a burst of still images in 3MP for an allotted duration, at a frame-rate up to 3 fps.

Timelapse Photography:
Capture a series of still images at adjustable intervals and create spectacular time lapse recordings.

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Price: $329.95
Availability: Out now
Distributor: Monza Imports
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