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Tested: 2015 Husqvarna TE 300 rides and reviews the 2015 Husqvarna TE 300.

It’s no secret that four-strokes have become the bike of choice for the majority of enduro riders these days, however there’s still a demand for high performance two-strokes which Husqvarna just happens to offer for 2015. The lightweight, responsive and nimble characteristics of a two-stoke enduro machine, such as the TE 300, can really shine out on the trails.

The first thing you notice jumping aboard the TE 300 is the fact that the extra vibration definitely lets you know you’re on a big-bore two-stroke. You can feel the difference compared to the 250cc two-stroke, but it’s nothing to worry about as once you get going it’s barely noticeable.

The 300cc two-stroke engine is an interesting piece of equipment; it’s actually quite mellow and very smooth. Torque is the name of the game when it comes to the TE 300, the torque of this engine allows you to ride the bike in a taller gear and flow through the trails with ease. Although, if you’d like to pop over a fallen log or blast down an open fire trail, you’ve got that power waiting to be applied once you really roll the throttle on and open it up.

Source: Husqvarna.

Source: Husqvarna.

As I mentioned in our overview film from the world launch in Lulea, Sweden (scroll down to view), the TE 300 is actually quite an ideal enduro bike to get your hands on. Plenty of useable, smooth power and a lightweight overall package – that’s what you’re looking for in an enduro bike.

Housing the TE 300 two-stroke’s powerhouse is the chromium molybdenum steel frame paired with a new composite subframe design. The frame has been constructed with a precise amount of flex to provide maximum performance and rider feedback. The steel frame gives the bike a more forgiving feel and the improved connection between itself and the ground is noticeable compared to some other manufacturers using aluminum units.

For MY15 the TE 300 receives a new shorter gearing on the electric start system for higher initial torque and improved starting. While the four-stroke models don’t offer a kickstart option standard, the TE 300 (and TE 250) feature both electric and kickstart options straight out of the box. The TE 300 also features a new, lighter and more efficient 3Ah battery for 2015.

The 4CS (four chamber system) fork by WP is featured on the TE 300 for 2015, and as expected, the fork is super responsive to changes using the convenient adjusters located on top of each fork leg. The fork was consistent at all times, offered great feedback and is definitely a huge improvement over the previous unit.

Source: Husqvarna.

Source: Husqvarna.

Holding the the 4CS unit in place are new CNC machined triple clamps designed with a precise amount of flex to compliment the new fork. Four handlebar positions are also available for a range of customization to suit riders of all sizes and riding styles.

In the cockpit area the 2015 TE 300 has received an all-new speedometer system with a wide variety of functions. The speedo now features a new and more stylish cover that hides the warning lights when not in use. This gives the display a clean and simple look while assuring the rider has minimal chances of being distracted from any lighting below eye level.

New handguards have been mounted to the Neken handlebars for 2015. These handguards feature a new and improved compound to increase the impract resistence of the two-component mould. The handguards also look mean and sleek, adding to the list of improved aesthetics for MY15.

A new headlight and mask has been added for 2015 giving the TE 300 that distinctive Husqvarna look. Flowing down into the front fender, we now see the same fender as the motocross models across the board on the enduro bikes. The new CNC triple clamps have been adapted to suit the new fender design for easy mounting.

Source: Husqvarna.

Source: Husqvarna.

In the seating department a new harder and more durable seat has is featured on the MY15 TE 300. The seat offers ample grip and is actually nice and firm compared to the previous version – nobody likes riding a lounge chair do they? New and improved graphics match the updated seat for 2015, the enduro graphics actually differentiate from the motocross models which is a nice touch.

To cap the bike off in the looks department, black DID rims laced to machined hubs give it that factory look that we all love. The MY15 Husqvarna enduro models really look great, such a sleek and clean enduro machine, you could even sneak the TE 300 onto the motocross track without standing out too much!

Overall, the Husqvarna TE 300 is a very impressive enduro machine. If you’re after low maintenance costs, tonnes of useable power and a nimble chassis design, this is the bike for you. Be sure to head to your local Husqvarna dealer to check one out for yourself!

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