News 21 Aug 2014

Grabham recovering from recent hand surgery

Desert Tri-Series champion to be replaced by Louis Calvin again.

Image: Adam Riemann.

Image: Adam Riemann.

KTM Desert Racing Team manager/rider Ben Grabham is on the road to recovery after undergoing hand surgery following the Doorawarrah 500 round of the Desert Tri-Series.

Defending series champion Grabham had to skip that second round of the series due to ongoing problems with his hand, with Western Australian motocross ace Louis Calvin again filling in for him at this weekend’s Indee 500 finale.

“I had surgery four days after that last round, there was a lot of crap to clean up and we took out some old plates and it was feeling pretty good but I’m probably looking at another month before I could think about hanging onto another handlebar,” Grabham explained.

“There’s a big long track meeting in Bathurst in November, so I hope to be back on and ready to have a little bit of fun going sideways then.”

With Calvin joining title contenders Toby Price and Ivan Long in the mix, Grabham is expecting a strong showing during this weekend’s event.

“It’s got a little bit of history this one, it is in its 10th year, so that’s kind of cool, and I’m expecting it to be quite big,” Grabham added. “I did it last year so I’ve got a bit of an idea of what the boys should expect.

“It’s probably more hard packed, rocky and more technical in a couple of areas than what they’ve had in the last two rounds and there’s not too much room for error, so they are going to have to be a little bit smart about things.

“Toby is trying for the clean-sweep and Ivan is nipping at his heels, while Louis is going to come up and have his third go in the desert. He learned last time that when it’s so dusty, Prologue is really important, so I’m sure he’s out to do a little bit better there and move forward again.”

Grabham has been suffering form carpal tunnel symptoms in his hand since this year’s Finke Desert Race with numbness and loss of strength.