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Tested: 2015 Husqvarna FC 250 rides and reviews the 2015 Husqvarna FC 250.

Within the motocross market, the importance of producing an impressive 250cc four-stroke machine is more critical than ever. Luckily for all of you readers and riders out there, Husqvarna has done just that for the upcoming 2015 season and their FC 250 MX2 contender is impressive to say the least.

It has been well-documented that the MY15 range of Husqvarna motocrossers received a substantial change in the suspension department. In the front-end, Husqvarna have added the new WP 4CS (four chamber system) fork for the new year.

The 4CS fork is a closed cartridge system that has been created to improve damping characteristics and also weighs 175 grams less that the previous model fork. The fork has been specifically designed for motocross use and features an awesome adjustment system for quick changes at the track.

A white dial is located on the left fork leg for compression, and the right holds a red dial which adjusts your rebound. This adjustment system alone is such a welcomed upgrade for MY15, but that’s definitely not where it ends – the performance of the 4CS delivers all that’s promised.

We were greeted with a sandy, rough and quite diverse motocross track in Lulea, Sweden, the perfect location to find out how the chassis really worked. The fork really did stand out as a star component on the bike as the day progressed, from small choppy bumps to large braking bumps and jumps.

Image: Husqvarna.

Source: Husqvarna.

The fork has been paired with an updated 22mm front axle which is lighter and features a revised offset to increase trail. I’m a huge fan of this combination, the 4CS fork along with the refined geometry created such a stable and confidence-inspiring feeling. I’m all about planted and responsive feeling up front, and this is exactly what I received.

With all of these updates to the front-end, Husqvarna assured the rear of the FC 250 was also treated to some upgrades of its own. A new rear link has been added for 2015 featuring a higher starting rate and a less progressive curve. This is intended to provide increased control in all situations and also reduces weight by around 40 grams.

A new DCC (Dual Compression Control) shock has also been added with a four millimetre stroke increase and re-valving to match the geometry changes that the all-new link provides. Once again, Husqvarna nailed the setup, super impressed with the rear end on the FC 250 at all times.

This new link and shock combination creates such a planted feel under acceleration, the bike really does stick to the ground and continues to drive through choppy acceleration bumps. Not once did I find myself being surprised by what the rear of the bike did in a new situation – it was so predictable. Suspension-wise, the 2015 Husqvarna FC 250 is absolutely awesome.

Image: Husqvarna.

Source: Husqvarna.

The frame on the FC 250 has remained relatively unchanged for 2015 apart from a few minor updates. The lightweight polyamide sub-frame has been reinforced with an additional screw on the airbox side to improve fitment between itself and the airbox. This may not seem like much, but Husqvarna’s technicians ensured us that it makes quite a substantial difference to the seal and overall performance.

The engineers at Husqvarna had clear objectives in terms of torsional rigidity, longitudinal stiffness and weight when designing the chromium molybdenum steel frame. The goal was to give the rider optimal feedback and complete confidence in every situation.

The steel frame is paired with a single component swingarm constructed from aluminium, this process eliminates welding and provides a more reliable, stable and consistent final product. Husqvarna technicians engineered the perfect amount of flex within the swingarm design to make the most of the strong engine package available on the FC 250.

I’m a believer in Husqvarna’s choice to stick with a steel constructed frame. The extra flex in the chassis is something I quite like in comparison to some aluminium framed competitors, and I feel that the steel frame really comes into its own when cornering and powering through slick sections. Obviously it all comes down the personal preference, but I think the rigidity of the overall chassis is spot on.

Image: Husqvarna.

Source: Husqvarna.

Housed within this impressive chassis is an equally impressive engine package for 2015. The FC 250 engine is a high-revving, technically advanced and plenty powerful package – no doubt a very strong contender within the MX2 market.

The lightweight DOHC 250cc four-stroke engine features a 14,000 RPM rev limit and a peak power reading of 44 horsepower. Large titanium valves (32.5mm intake and 26.5mm exhaust) weigh in at just 19.6 grams on the intake side and 18 grams on the exhaust.

The titanium valves are complimented by DLC coated finger followers and cam shafts to help bring you optimal fuel flow, less friction and higher revs – what else could you ask for in a 250cc four-stroke engine? Well, there’s a lot more where that came from.

The conrod and crankshaft are produced by industry leader Pankl to exacting standards. The piston is produced by König and has been designed for minimum weight to suit the high-revving, high output nature of the FC 250. The forged box-type piston weighs in at only 200 grams and combines high performance and reliability, with a compression ratio of 13.9:1 for maximum power output.

A new clutch basket and clutch springs are also featured for 2015 along with electric start (no kickstart system) and a handlebar-mounted map switch for power delivery alterations on the go. The map switch offering for MY15 is a great addition, being able to create the power delivery you need without having to pull into the pits is awesome.

Image: Husqvarna.

Source: Husqvarna.

The electronic fuel injection and 44mm throttle bottle of the Keihin Engine Management System combine to offer crisp and responsive power delivery at all times. The injector has been positioned on the bottom of the inlet tract for optimal air-fuel mixture, creating that crisp throttle response and impressive power.

Great attention was also dedicated to ensuring that cleaning and washing the bike will not damage the electronics. The wire harness, lead wire, and sealed critical connectors ensure that a pressure washer poses no threat. The throttle position sensor (TPS) is also water resistant and protected.

The 2015 FC 250 features black DID rims constructed from high strength aluminium, the wheels are then laced to CNC machined hubs. This combination ensures strength, minimum unsprung weight and that all-important factory look. Let’s be honest, we all enjoy marvelling our rides in the pits, and those black wheels sure do top off the Husqvarna FC 250’s sleek styling.

Speaking of sleek styling, the bodywork on the 2015 FC 250 is something that really impressed me. Not only does the bike look great sitting on a stand, but out on the track I was very happy with the overall ergos. Not once did I find myself hanging my boot on the shroud or side number plate, and moving around the machine was a breeze.

Image: Husqvarna.

Source: Husqvarna.

The graphics, which have been redesigned to differentiate between the motocross and enduro models, are super clean and simple – more of a factory look. The seat cover material has also been updated providing superior grip under acceleration and improved durability.

In the control department a new black Neken handlebar is now mounted to the CNC triple clamps which feature four adjustable positions to suit a wide range of riders. Husqvarna has also updated the fork guards for 2015, the new design allows for a fast removal or replacement, a great upgrade over the previous design in my opinion.

As an overall package I’m a major fan of the 2015 Husqvarna FC 250. I laid down countless laps on the bike on a demanding track which really allowed me to work out how the bike would react in a range of different situations.

The verdict? A predictable bike that offers a seriously strong motor and chassis package. Combine that with great ergos, plenty of adjustability throughout the bike and killer looks; you’ve got yourself a winner.

If you’re in the market for a 2015 250cc four-stroke, I would highly recommend the MY15 Husqvarna FC 250 which comes in at a recommended retail price of $10,495. I can essentially guarantee an ear-to-ear grin within the first 10 seconds of seat time, no doubt about it.

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