Interviews 24 Jul 2014

Unplugged: Jacob Wright

Behind the helmet of CDR Yamaha’s newest MX1 recruit.

Image: Jeff Crow.

Image: Jeff Crow.

My Way

Greatest moment of your career?

Probably getting the phone call from Craig Dack offering me a ride with CDR Yamaha for the remainder of the series. It was fully out of the blue after my best national result at the Swan Hill round of the MX Nationals. It was a pretty cool feeling that I got his attention out there.

Toughest race ever?

The MX Nationals at Wonthaggi this year. No-one knew about it, but I rode there with a broken leg! At the Queensland state titles at Coolum the weekend beforehand I hooked my leg on the ground and green-sticked my tib, fib and ankle. I wore a moonboot for five days until then Friday before Wonthaggi, then took it off to race. I went 13-10 in the two motos and it was the toughest day of my life.

Long-term goal?

To win a national championship or championships in Australia, then go to the US and get a factory ride and see where it takes me. I’m only 19, so there’s plenty of time.

Favourite track?

Murray Bridge or Swan Hill – I love the red dirt and loam. That’s what I ride in Toowoomba, so it’s what I’m used to and I can read the dirt well.

If you weren’t a racer, you would be?

I’d probably be in construction with my Dad in Toowoomba. I’m a three-year bricklayer, but after the third year I decided it was a shit job so I quit.


Maybe Jay Wilson when I was younger, but we don’t race each other any more that I’m in the MX1 class. I don’t really have an arch rival, but I definitely enjoy beating the Moss brothers.

Greatest inspiration?

Jono Porter. He used to live 15 minutes from me in Gladstone and in the early days he worked for my Dad. Jono took me under his wing and got me into racing; I did everything with him and he taught and inspired me to do a lot of things before he passed away. I’m really looking forward to the Gladstone round of the championship next month.


I used to have heaps, like I’d have to wear the same goggles in the same race, the same gear and all sorts. It took the fun out of it for me, so I’ve flicked ‘em all away now. Probably the only thing I do now is I have to wear gloves that match my riding gear.

Training methods?

Mainly running, but also whatever my trainer Trent Maher in Ipswich has for me. He’s not big into motocross, but he’s a MMA fighter and does a lot of old-school training with sledgehammers and ropes. It makes training fun.

Goal for 2014?

To make every round of the 2014 MX Nationals and finish top five for the season. I’m seventh at the moment, but if I get good starts I should be able to finish at the front, especially now that I have factory support.

Off the Wall

Best all-time moto DVD/video?

Twitch’s Hood Rich. It’s awesome and it kinda made his career blossom.

Non-bike related hobbies?

Hanging with mates, going to Josh Cachia’s house and diving or swimming in the ocean.

Do you read your pit board?

All the time. I like to know what’s going on. If I see that I’m in 13th or something, I know I have to get my butt into gear.

What do you drive?

2011 Mecedes Vito. I bought it brand new and it’s already got 110,000 on the clock and has had a bit of a flogging. Until I got the offer from CDR Yamaha I was driving it to all the rounds.

Favourite magazine?

Probably Zoo.

What’s on the iPod?

A bit of everything from rap to punk to dance. I like Biggie Smalls, Risde Against and A Day To Remember.

Best thing about the MX Nationals?

Definitely the two 30-minute motos and the organisation. Kevin Williams has everything pretty dialled now and it runs like clockwork.

Who will win the 2014 AMA Motocoss?

I’m going to say Roczen, but if Eli Tomac had ridden the first couple of rounds he’d be in trouble. Tomac’s race at Millville on the weekend was insane.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I’ve lived by myself in Toowoomba since I was 17. My house has 40 acres and it’s sick. My parents split up when I was 16; mum took off and Dad has another partner, so I run the house at home.

First and last

First bike?

A Honda CRF50 back in 1999. It only lasted about a year before I snapped the steel bars.

First kiss?

Probably Year 7. It was at lunchtime behind the classroom and it was pretty sloppy.

First proper injury?

A compound fracture to my tibia and fibula at the 2011 MX Nationals at Appin. I was second in the championship behind Errol Willis, but I hooked my leg in a rut and snapped it. The medics pulled my boot off and the bones were sticking out of the skin.

First dodgy movie scene you watched?

I was probably 10 and watching a movie with my parents. I knew what was going on and I just looked at the floor so my parents didn’t think I was watching. It was pretty awkward!

First time you got in a fight?

Someone mouthed off at me in Year 7, so I put him in his place and put him on the ground with one punch. I got suspended and dad just laughed.

Last album/song you downloaded?

A Day To Remember’s new album – Common Courtesy.

Last movie you watched?

Rocky Balboa just before you called me!

Last holiday?

I went to Bali with my ex-girlfriend after the 2012 supercross championship finished. We went for 12 days and it was a pretty sweet time.

Last big crash you had?

At the Wanneroo round of the MX Naitonals I had a massive crash on the middle straight during qualifying. I went over the ‘bars and rung my bell hard. I was dazed all day.

One or the Other

Two 30-minute motos or three 20-minute motos?

Definitely two 30s. I describe myself as diesel engine; I don’t have sprint speed, but from 15 minutes I start warming up and the last 10 minutes is when I’m at my strongest.

Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar?

Red Bull with vodka at the series after-party.

PC or Mac?


McDonalds or KFC?


Europe or USA?

USA for sure.

Two-stroke or four-stroke?

I’m not a cheater. Four-stroke for me!

MX Nationals or supercross?

MX Nationals, only because it’s a more prestigious championship at the moment.

Blonde or brunette?

Blonde, but brunette is growing on me.