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Quotebook: 2014 MX Nationals Rd7 Conondale

Riders reflect on their performances following Conondale.

Image: Simon Makker.

Image: Simon Makker.


Adam Monea (NPS Monster Energy Kawasaki) 4th overall:
I had some issues going on in the first moto which affected my result then I just took a few laps to get going in motos two and three. Once I got going and into my groove I was laying down fast lap times and riding well. It was a little disappointing today and my results weren’t what I wanted but there’s nothing to worry about. There are still many races left and I’m looking to do some damage at the next round.

Matt Moss (Team Motul Suzuki) – 2nd overall:
Conondale was another good round for me. To get Super Pole was really good and then of course to win the first moto was also great for the championship. It was unfortunate to come together with my brother [Jake] in moto one, which kind of put a damper on the day for me. The track was different to what we expected, it was pretty hard and really slippery, so it was hard to be aggressive. We didn’t win overall, but I scored solid points and was consistent so we will move forward to the next rounds from here I’m really happy to leave that round with this result.

Rhys Carter (Team Motul Suzuki) – 7th overall:
Qualifying was actually quite tough, but we made some refinements before the first moto and during the rest of the day and it was positive. In the first two races I felt like I was riding a bit tight, but for the last one I felt like I was riding like myself again, made some passes, and it was good. It’s good to get back in the top 10 in the championship now and we can really focus on getting strong results in these final three rounds. I’m definitely happy with how things have gone, but always looking to improve that little bit more each race.

Kirk Gibbs (KTM Motocross Racing Team) – 1st overall:
A really good day actually, I can’t complain at all. Real consistent with two seconds and a first. I’m a little bit disappointed with that first one, and even a little bit with that second one – I feel like it could have been pretty close to three wins today. Just fell short of time in both races and in the last one it was good for me so really happy for myself and for the team, family and friends, everybody that came and supported me today. I think the track today was one where you had to be really patient, I’ve always been known to be really smooth when there’s not much to turn off. I think today’s track played to my strengths, just a little bit disappointing we couldn’t make it a couple of extra points up.

Billy Mackenzie (CDR Yamaha) – 3rd overall:
I felt pretty good all morning on the track and the bike was working really well. It was nice to get a race win and I really wanted to back it up in the final race but I went for a different tyre in the final moto and struggled for traction. It was my call so I will learn from it. I’m now third in the championship but the guys behind me are pretty close so I will need to keep working and racing well to be there at the en

Jay Marmont (CDR Yamaha) – 14th overall:
I was getting asked a lot about when I was going to stop racing, so I thought by getting it out there now and telling people where I’m at, might make things easier. It felt good to get a holeshot and lead a race. I tried not to worry about who was behind me and just do my thing and I was happy to finish third. But my wrist was hurting badly by the end so I tried to get through the next race but I couldn’t ride properly so it was better to just call it a day. I want to finish the season out well and ride as fast as I can at the remaining few rounds so I will have to get my wrist looked at and then get back into it.

Kade Mosig (DPH Motorsport Yamaha) – 12th overall:
I’ve had one DNF prior to this round, but it was a mechanical thing and was no ones fault really. It’s just one of those things in motorsport. Unfortunately I got a really good start in that first moto, I think I was about fourth and I snuck into third. The bike just started playing up, and I ended up not being able to start it. After that I just had to block it out and knuckle down for the next two. This is where I wanted to be at this part of the season, I wanted to be well and truly inside the top five, that’s where I believe I should be. It’s unfortunate having the DNF this weekend but to get a fifth and a third, it’s a good way to finish the day on a high note.

Sam Martin (DPH Motorsport Yamaha) – 17th overall:
I’m feeling pretty smashed up. I popped my shoulder out when I went down in the first one, then took some skin off the top of my leg and possibly fractured my hand. I went over to RACESAFE after the crash and saw the guys there, they put some local anesthetic in my hand that enabled me to continue racing – they’re always awesome. Second race I didn’t get off to the best start, I was in about 17th, but by about the second lap I was sitting in about seventh, just behind fifth and sixth. I felt stronger in moto two; I just couldn’t quite manage to get around Ben Townley. In the last race I got a pretty good start, and straight into the race I got that flat tyre on the rear so I couldn’t really do much about that. It’s just one of those rounds. I had a pretty big crash and it’s hard to come back from that.

Brock Winston (Husqvarna Motocross Racing Team) – 5th overall:
Real happy with my first top five finish for the day. A few rounds ago I was having trouble cracking the top 10. Like I’ve been saying all year I just want to keep improving on every round. I probably need to qualify a bit better but other than that it was a pretty decent day for me and I’m happy with it. The bike worked really well but I actually struggled with the track a bit. It’s not really the sort of track I enjoy riding with all the tight corners and no ruts but everyone’s gotta’ deal with it so I just dealt with it. I got to pass Townley a couple of laps in, so that was pretty cool. Obviously he’s not as fit as he used to be, but he’s still a great rider so it was good to learn some lines off him.

Jesse Dobson (Pro Motorcycles KTM) – 8th overall:
Over the last three weeks I’ve done a lot of suspension testing with my new mechanic Casey. We changed everything to suit my style and now I’m feeling great on the bike. I’m really looking forward to coming home strong towards the end of the series. M.y KTM450 is one of the best bikes I’ve ever ridden. This year has been huge for me. I’ve really learnt a lot. My main goal is to finish the year strong and hopefully impress the factory teams so that I may be considered for one of their riders for 2015 in MX1 or MX2. I believe that I am a 450 rider and would love to stay in the class for the 2015 season but at this stage I am still looking for support for the 2014 supercross series in either MX1 or MX2 as my budget as only funded my motorcross season this year. I have the speed and the fitness, but to have someone to test with, which I’ve never really had, I believe it would take me to the next level. It would be awesome!

Image: Jeff Crow.

Image: Jeff Crow.


Kayne Lamont (Red Bull WIL Sport Husqvarna) – 10th overall:
The track was suited to me, but in the first race I jumped the big jump and came up a bit short. I collapsed a wheel and DNFed. Race two I got a decent start again, got up to second pretty quick and stayed there the whole moto. Race three I got my worst start of the day and took a while to get to fourth, passed third on the last lap and nearly got second at the finish. I was 10th for the day but if I had got the points in the first moto I would have been on top of the box.

Luke Clout (Serco Yamaha) – 3rd overall:
It wasn’t a great day for me. In the end I guess I was fortunate to even be on the podium as the results from most of the riders were so up and down. But I did learn a few things today and some things the team addressed regarding my riding, so with the next round three weeks away and at Raymond Terrace, I think I will be in much better shape.

Jay Wilson (Serco Yamaha) – 6th overall:
Today wasn’t too bad, but I think it could have been a lot better if I had got better starts. No one really came from the back to the front and it showed if you were up front early, then it was much easier to stay there than come from the back. But the points are still pretty tight and we still have eight races to go so if I race well at the remaining three rounds them making the points gap up isn’t out of the question.

Hamish Harwood (CMR Red Bull KTM) – 5th overall:
It was an okay day for the championship, but racing-wise a pretty horrible day! In the second I got a bad start, went down on the second lap, took a long time to get back on and ended up 12th, which cost me a lot of points. In the last I just really didn’t feel comfortable on the bike and went backwards a few places which I don’t usually do. I lost two points, but we’re still here and still healthy, so bring on the last three rounds.

Luke Wilson (Wilson MX Honda) – 16th overall:
It was a good day. The first two races I sort of came from the back of the field to 15th. But the last one I got a good start and I was in the top ten for a few laps, then sort of wasn’t used to it and got stuck there a little bit and fell back to 15th again. I was really happy overall though, and it’s the best weekend I’ve had so far this year. We have moved forward again from Swan Hill, so hopefully we can just keep doing that at every round from here until round 10. I had three really consistent motos and it wasn’t a fluke. We held it there and that’s something I haven’t done before. I’m just looking forward to getting out there and doing it all again now.

Joel Evans (Full Force Racing TM) – 14th overall:
Overall today it was a good day. There are still things I need to work on, I know I am improving every weekend and I am happy with that. I am still a little frustrated, though it was my most consistent and probably my best round so far even though my overall result does not reflect that on paper. I know I have that little more in me. I was in and around the top ten all weekend, in that last race I had a top 10 in the bag, I had the best start I have had all year and then I threw it away when I hit neutral in a corner. On to the next round at Raymond Tce, I am looking forward to racing there, I am aiming for the top 10 in points now, I know I can do it, I just have to keep it consistent.

Caleb Ward (KTM) – 1st overall:
The first two races were awesome, I sort of got out front and rode my own race, just concentrated and put down good laps and had fun. I really liked the track – a bit more natural terrain and old school. I was a little bit bummed out after Wanneroo when everyone said I was just good in the sand, so I felt that I had to prove myself a little bit. I think I got it done, which is pretty sweet.

Dylan Long (BBF Motorsports KTM) – 8th overall:
I love racing Conondale! It is a very fast flowing track with big jumps. I really enjoyed the racing this weekend. I felt very comfortable on the bike, the Kenda tyres hooked up well. Unfortunately I had a few problems at the start which were beyond my control, but I was happy with my speed and the way I was able to move up through the pack. It gives some satisfaction that I am still running the same pace as the factory four-strokes.

Image: Jeff Crow.

Image: Jeff Crow.


Jed Beaton (GYTR Yamaha) – 1st overall:
We have had a pretty big break between the last MXD round and I needed the time as I felt terrible in the days after Murray Bridge. I was determined to get my season back on track here at Conondale and it felt good to make that happen. The track wasn’t easy as it was quite a hard surface and finding traction was tough, but my bike was awesome and the team again did a great job. It was cool win today with Yamaha doing our retro round and even better that Wilson was able to get up on the podium as well.”

Wilson Todd (GYTR Yamaha) – 3rd overall:
My goal for the last couple of rounds has been to get on the podium and it was good to make that happen. I changed a few things in the way I trained and also spent a lot of time down around Brisbane riding different tracks and with different riders. I can’t thank the team enough for their support and also the Latimer family who I have stayed with for the past month. Now, I want to keep getting on the podium in the final three rounds and finish the season strongly.

Jack Simpson (Tunetech Racing KTM) – 2nd overall:
After the first race me and Dad and Steve Jones from Tune Tech Racing went up and had a look at some lines and then in the second, I got the holeshot, put five real fast laps down and pretty much cruised to the end. Last race I was third out of the corner and just waiting for things to calm down when my front brake pads fell out! But I didn’t give in, gave it my all and only one dude went around me. Jed will be five points ahead now, but we’re still in the hunt. Still a lot of races to go till the end of the year and I’m fit and ready.

Nathan Crawford (Husqvarna) – 6th overall:
Not a good day. I got a decent start and was battling for the lead halfway through the moto, when the pipe separated from the exhaust. They decided to black flag me on the last lap, but it ended up just being a penalty only which put me back to fifth. Second and third races weren’t so good, I’ve been carrying a knee injury and my bike setup wasn’t really right for how slippery the track was. I’m just ready to bounce back at the next one.

Egan Mastin (Husqvarna Motocross Racing Team) – 5th overall:
Sometimes you have an off day, and for me that was today, but I’ll just keep on looking forward. I just got bad starts all day, and struggled with my bike setup in the first moto. We fixed it up but I just didn’t get the starts I wanted. Definitely disappointed in myself, I came into this round feeling good, but obviously didn’t come out with the result I wanted. I’ll just keep on training.

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