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Quotebook: 2014 MX Nationals Rd5 Wanneroo

Read about the sands of Western Australia, direct from over 20 riders.


Adam Monea (NPS Monster Energy Kawasaki) 5-3-8, 5th overall:
I’m not happy with my result. I want to be winning. I got a bad start in moto one and came together with a rider and came into the first turn in last. That made life hell. I was able to claw back to 5th. I had a better start in moto two and was able to finish in 3rd and then going into the last moto I wanted to turn things around and make it a good day but unfortunately I came together with another rider and had to come back from dead last. It was hard because I know my fitness and speed are good. I want to be winning races. I’ll enjoy the break and come back hungry in the second half of the season.

Jake Moss (NPS Monster Energy Kawasaki) – 10-1-1, 2nd overall:
I got to Perth a week early to test and get everything the way I wanted so that helped and to get my first Super-Pole was great. It was a good start to the day. Unfortunately I crashed on the first lap in the first moto and then again later in the race but I was able to turn it around in the next two races and come away with two wins. That was probably the best riding I’ve done in a long time. I’m happy with my speed, especially my sprint pace. I had two great motos and it’s unfortunate I had that bad first race. I really want to get that round win.

Matt Moss (Team Motul Suzuki) – 2-4-2, 2nd overall:
I was happy to finish second with the food poisoning and not having much sleep on Saturday night. I felt like I rode really good to come away with good points in the championship. I really loved the track and my bike felt incredibly good, so it’s good to end the first half of the season on a high note. Now it’s time to really get going in the final five rounds and try to dominate the rest of the series. Winning races is exactly what we want to do – that’s what we’ll strive to do from here on out in every single race for the season’s second half.

Rhys Carter (Team Motul Suzuki) – 23-7-13, 17th overall:
“In the first moto I got a good start, but I hit a false neutral and lost a heap of spots. A lap later a guy swapped out in front of me and cleaned my front wheel out, so I went down and was basically in last. I came back to 12th, but split a radiator hose at the end of the moto and had to DNF. In the second moto things went a lot better for seventh, and then in the last moto as well it was good until I tucked the front battling for fifth when I had a rear brake problem. We are still eighth overall, so as bad as my day was, it could have been a lot worse for the championship. We’re still close to sixth and that’s where I’d been aiming to be at the end of the year.

Image: Jeff Crow.

Image: Jeff Crow.

Kirk Gibbs (KTM Motocross Racing Team) – 4-5-3, 4th overall:
It wasn’t too bad to me today, I wanted to be on the box, but I can’t complain. The track was a bit different to what I expected today, it wasn’t as rough as I thought it was going to be, but it got real short sharp bumps. We’ll go down to Manjimup now, which I really enjoyed last year, and then we’ll have a rest and some recovery time for the body, and then get back into it.

Billy Mackenzie (CDR Yamaha) – 1-2-4, 1st overall:
It’s nice to finally get a round victory. I could feel it building over the last few rounds, starting at Wonthaggi, then Murray Bridge was better and now the win here. It’s a good way to go into the break, as we leave here positive, the team gets a reward for their work and I have a lot of motivation to keep the work up over the next few months. I need to improve on my fifth place in the championship and if I keep riding like I have been, I’m sure the results will continue. The bike is working awesome and the CDR Yamaha team have done a great job behind the scenes.

Ben Townley (Penrite Honda Racing) – 3-9-15, 7th overall:
I had an absolute blast. I really like sand tracks, it got tougher and tougher out there, but overall I really enjoyed it. My overall race speed in Moto 1 surprised me, I hadn’t raced in a crowd like that for a long time. Race two was tough, I was running in the top six and then I hit a wall. The final moto was going well but on Lap 3 or 4 I dropped it in a corner and I was spent. I am looking forward to the Manjimup 15,000 this coming weekend, I have heard a lot about this race but have never had the chance to contest it before.

Kade Mosig (DPH Motorsport Yamaha) – 17-6-DNF, 13th overall:
I started off the day quite good. I would still have liked to be a bit higher up, but I was still consistent and I know I had a really good pace. It was just my starts that let me down in the first two races. The roost was so bad, once you followed someone for a couple of corners you were so filled in, so to try and get back up to where I wanted to was really hard. In the last moto I took off on the sighting lap and my bike started spluttering and cut out. Once you start the parade lap you can’t change your bike over, so we tried to get it started but it was an electrical issue and I wasn’t able to start the final race. That’s racing and that’s motorsport. It’s unfortunate that I had to give up those points but you can’t do much about that really.

Sam Martin (DPH Motorsport Yamaha) – 6-11-10, 8th overall:
My day went well, I started the day off really good managing to get into Superpole and then had a good first moto finishing in sixth. Getting into Superpole was awesome. Obviously I have the speed to be in there, so hopefully in the next few rounds I can get back in there – that would be nice. Second race I went down on the first lap and was back in last, but managed to get up to 11th – but I wore myself out in that one, obviously playing catch up, so the last moto was a bit of a struggle. This was my best round so far, and I’ve actually said that at the end of the last two rounds, so hopefully things just keep getting better.


Kayne Lamont (Red Bull WIL Sport Husqvarna) – 18-23-12, 19th overall:
I was getting down into bed the night before, and I leaned down on my elbow on my broken collarbone side, which jarred my armpit and my pec area. I was laying in bed rolling around in pain! I battled away with it all day, but in the second I had a crash which completely stuffed it. It’s weird that something stupid like that destroyed my day. The track was amazing, but I was in no condition to ride it. I’m fifth overall in the championship now, 37 off the lead, and 27 off second. It’s a bit of a kick in the guts for sure, but I’ve got to look past it – if it would have been Appin hard pack it would have been fine. We were doing some figures last night and we reckon I can chase it down. These next two rounds that are coming up are very similar to home.

Luke Arbon (SD3 Husqvarna) – 4-5-1, 2nd overall:
I qualified pretty terrible, and in that first race I was fourth, I just needed to be a little more aggressive with my passes. Second moto was terrible, I got a bad start, and there was carnage going on everywhere and I ended up fifth, but wasn’t too happy with the way I rode. But I turned it around in the last moto, with the holeshot. I pulled a decent lead, which I was happy with, and got the victory. Now with a win last week, and with the win again last moto today, I want to get more wins on the board, and stay consistent, and hopefully that leads to a championship. We are only halfway through and anything can happen.

Nick Sutherland (Husqvarna Motocross Racing Team) – 6-16-9, 9th overall:
Today was a step in the right direction. It was good to get sixth in the first, I rode fifth pretty well the whole way, but in the second I hit the back of Wade Hunter’s bike and went down, and then someone crashed on top of my bike, and it took me ages to get going. I was so far back, but I got through to 16th to give me a few points. The last one I finished eighth and had Harrison and Clout following me for the majority of the race, but I didn’t really push forward, I just had some bad lines I think. I only finished six points away from sixth on the day, so that second moto hurt me pretty bad.

Luke Clout (Serco Yamaha) – 2-18-11, 8th overall:
Today wasn’t good. My crash in race two took the wind out of my sails and I struggled through races two and three. Fortunately, I ‘m still in front of the championship and we now have a decent break where I can work on some things. I’m heading to the US this week, so it will be a good opportunity to ride with some fast guys and get some real intensity back in my riding.

Jay Wilson (Serco Yamaha) – 10-2-8, 4th overall:
My riding has been pretty good lately, just my starts have been lousy. Today, I finally got the starts I needed and I had good speed so in a lot of ways it was a frustrating day. I put in a lot of effort to get accustomed to the sand and to get P1 was pretty cool. Now, for the rest of the rounds, if I combine the speed I have had with some starts like I had today, then things will be much better.

Hamish Harwood (CMR Red Bull KTM) – 3-11-7, 5th overall:
First race I was third, but after the first race, we decided to put a new clutch in it. But on the sighting lap it started slipping, and off the start, the bike just slipped and wouldn’t go anywhere. I made a loss of passes and ended up ninth, but got penalised back to 11th for making up too much time under a yellow flag. In the last race I had to pull my goggles off when I was about fifth. I faded back to seventh in Moto so it’s a good day championship-wise, but not a good day, race-wise. I feel I missed a good opportunity, to really make big points on the boys in front of me who were having bad days.

Geran Stapleton (Raceline Pirelli Suzuki) – 12-20-4, 11th overall:
Today was a bit disappointing, I didn’t ride very well in the first two motos and even in the last one I had a little crash which cost me a good result. My back is still bothering me a bit, and after a hard days training my chest is giving me a bit of trouble too. I’ve lost a lot of fitness from not being able to ride that much so my aim is just to get back to my normal program and get my strength back for the next round.

Image: Jeff Crow.

Image: Jeff Crow.

Ryan Marmont (Raceline Pirelli Suzuki) – 11-10-14, 12th overall:
I felt good on the bike this weekend, I rode hard, it just didn’t come together on the day. I guess it was a bit disappointing for me overall, it doesn’t look too good on paper but that said I was feeling good. On the weekend for me it was a bit of ‘racecraft’ that was missing. I had a couple of dramas in the morning that made it hard to bounce back from. I’m just going to stick with my program, keep on the bike and hopefully I can do better at the next round.

Josh Cachia (Penrite Honda Racing)- 9-4-2, 3rd overall:
Overall third is awesome, this is only my third national back in over a year and the team has been amazing. We might not be racing for a championship, but in the second half of the season I want to be challenging for every race win. Qualifying was better this weekend and my speed was good in the first moto, but I was still finding my feet. The team and I sat down and looked at my times after Race 1 and made a plan for the second race. I definitely felt stronger and to finish fourth was still a good improvement but I left my charge a bit too late. We spoke again before the final moto and I knew I was in with a chance for a podium finish. I got a good start and applied pressure on Jay Wilson. Once I got to second I started making up ground on Arbon but ran out of laps to challenge for the win.

Jake Emanuelli (Wilson MX Honda) 21-22-19, 21st overall:
Today wasn’t the best of days, we didn’t get the starts that we wanted, and I had a few crashes and hurt myself in the second race. I was a bit sore going into that third moto, but I got some good points and I’ve got some things to work on. I was really looking forward to the sand, but I have to say I’m happy to get out of here. I’m really looking forward to the hard pack tracks now. I’ve been struggling with my fitness a little bit and my starts. So I’m just going to get those dialed before the next round.

Luke Wilson (Wilson MX Honda) 41-21-20, 22nd overall:
Wanneroo didn’t really go to plan. I’ve been sick all week with the flu and didn’t get a ride in before racing one of the toughest tracks in Australia. My first two motos weren’t the best and I definitely wasn’t happy with those results, but that last moto I just felt really good on the bike. The result in the last one (19th) didn’t really show how good I was feeling but it’s given me a bit of confidence going into the next round.

Joel Evans (Full Force Racing TM) – 15-12-13, 13th overall:
I had my best results of the season this weekend at Wanneroo. The track was unreal and I was having so much fun every time I was on the track! I finished 13th overall finally cracked the top 15! I was happy with the weekend overall but I know I could have been in the top 10 with some decent starts. In Two out of three races I was third last out of the first corner and that just doesn’t cut it with this stacked MX2 field.

Caleb Ward (KTM) – 1-1-3, 1st overall:
I’m super happy right now! I’ve been learning, and to finally put a consistent day together and just have a good fun day really is great. I got really good starts all day, so that really helped. And then just used my head when I was out there, dad was on the pit board just about every lap saying ‘calm down, be smooth’. So I did that because I knew a lot of people were going to make mistakes in the deep sand. In the beginning of the year I had a little video, where I said, I want to be top three, top five overall by the end of the year and may get a few wins, and there was a heap of people talking smack, and saying ‘do you know who’s in the class’ and all that, so I just kept quiet and did my own thing. I knew I had the speed, I just had to get it done, so I’ve finally done it.

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