News 22 Apr 2014

CDR Yamaha's Milner sweeps Boyland AORC rounds

Milner takes commanding Outright victory in Queensland.

Image: Fourohfour.

Image: Fourohfour.

CDR Yamaha defending Yamaha Australian Off-Road Champion Daniel Milner seized the lead in the 2014 title chase at Boyland in Queensland over the Easter weekend, winning rounds three and four both Outright and in E2.

Milner stormed to the round three victory Outright on Saturday from Toby Price (KTM Enduro Racing Team) in his return from injury and Glenn Kearney (Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team).

The E1 category on Saturday was won by Scott Keegan (Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team) from Tom McCormack (Active8 Yamaha) and Peter Boyle (KTM Enduro Racing Team), while Milner topped E2 from Price and Geoff Braico (Husaberg Enduro Racing Team).

Kearney’s third Outright sealed him the E3 victory in a standout round for the brand new Husqvarna team, from Jarrod Bewley (Husaberg Enduro Racing Team) and Stefan Granquist (Active8 Yamaha) on his big-bore WR480.

In the Women’s class on her return from Europe only 10 hours prior, Jessica Gardiner (Sherco) won the day ahead of Tayla Jones (KTM) and Jemma Wilson (Yamaha).

Milner was again the dominant factor on Sunday to sweep the weekend Outright, from Price and Josh Green (Active8 Yamaha) – another on the comeback trail from injury. That was also the order of E2 for round four.

“The weekend went well and pretty much drama free,” Milner explained. “It looked moist and loamy when we first rocked up but it was dry and dusty underneath making conditions difficult at times.

“My riding and training in between rounds two and three had been good and I spent a bit of time riding with some good young motocross guys in Victoria and I think that helped my speed it the special tests.

“It was good to win on the weekend and the CDR Yamaha team have again done a fantastic job. They make racing real easy. I might even make a little harder next week as I’m thinking about doing the MX Nationals round at Wonthaggi for a bit of fun.”

In E1 it was McCormack who raced to Sunday’s win from Boyle, with opening day winner Keegan slotting into third. The Kearney, Bewley, Granquist E3 podium was a mirror of Saturday’s results.

Gardiner won the Women’s category once again, this time from Wilson in second and Jones third. The talent-packed 19 and Under category was won by Daniel Sanders on both days.

2014 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship
Rounds three and four – Boyland, QLD

Round three Outright (class) results:
1. Daniel Milner (E2)
2. Toby Price (E2)
3. Glenn Kearney (E3)
4. Geoff Braico (E2)
5. Lachlan Stanford (E2)
6. Jarrod Bewley (E3)
7. Josh Green (E2)
8. Daniel Sanders (19U)
9. Scott Keegan (E1)
10. Tom McCormack (E1)

Round four Outright (class) results:
1. Daniel Milner (E2)
2. Toby Price (E2)
3. Josh Green (E2)
4. Glenn Kearney (E3)
5. Chris Hollis (E2)
6. Jarrod Bewley (E3)
7. Geoff Braico (E2)
8. Lachlan Stanford (E2)
9. Tom McCormack (E1)
10. Peter Boyle (E1)

Championship standings:
1. Daniel Milner 85
2. Glenn Kearney 74
3. Josh Green 70
4. Toby Price 69
5. Lachlan Stanford 62
6. Chris Hollis 61
7. Jarrod Bewley 59
8. Tom McCormack 49
9. Daniel Sanders 49
10. Geoff Braico 48

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